Our Story

Our Mission

PoodleHQ was created with the mission to be the most trusted online resource for poodle owners, handlers, and enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, expert-guided information to help strengthen the bond between poodles and their humans.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by poodle lover Marko I., PoodleHQ was born from a shared passion for the poodle breed. Having dedicated their personal and professional lives to poodles, they recognized the need for a one-stop resource rooted in science-based care practices.

What Sets Us Apart

While other sites offer basic poodle facts, PoodleHQ differentiates itself by integrating guidance from highly experienced veterinarians, trainers, groomers, and breeders. Our content is developed and reviewed by an advisory board of poodle experts. Community involvement also allows us to continually refine our content based on real-world poodle experiences.

Our Team

Led by Marko, our small editorial team collectively shares decades of experience working closely with poodles in various fields. Contributors include a veterinary behaviorist, AKC judge, professional handler, and poodle rescue volunteer. Read more about our dedicated team on our team page.

Guiding Principles

Accuracy, transparency, and community well-being are core to our editorial foundation and process. We aim to serve the diverse needs of all poodle caretakers through approachable yet scientifically sound information. Community involvement and feedback help ensure we achieve this.

Continued Growth

As advocates for the poodle breed, PoodleHQ will continue expanding our network of expert partners while enriching content across all topics. Our goal is to make high-quality, lifelong poodle care simple through this centralized, expert-guided resource.