6 Poodle Sizes: Here’s What to Know

  • The Giant Royal Standard Poodle: 18 to 28 inches (45 to 60cm)
  • The Standard Poodle: 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61cm)
  • The Moyen Poodle: 15 to 18 inches (38 to 45cm)
  • The Miniature Poodle: 11 to 15 inches (28 to 38cm)
  • The Toy Poodle: up to 10 inches (26cm)
  • The Teacup Poodle: up to 9 inches (23cm)

1. Giant Royal Standard Poodle

Giant Royal Standard Poodle

If you want to get a Royal Giant Standard Poodle, be aware that the American Kennel Club does not recognize them. Some people are skeptical about whether this beautiful dog should be classified as an additional Poodle breed since it does not meet the Standard Poodle dimensions.

Poodle Sizes

If you’re looking to get a Giant Royal Standard Poodle, you should look for a specialized breeder, as they’re quite rare to come by. Take time to see the Poodle and discuss with the breeder about the Giant Royal, as their prices might be high due to their rarity.

The cost of a Giant Royal Standard Poodle can completely vary based on the location you’re in and the breeder!

2. Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

Here’s what to know about Standard Poodle sizes if you’re thinking about owning a Poodle or want to know how large your Poodle might grow.

Standard Poodles typically mature at 18 to 24 inches tall (46-61cm). While females weigh anywhere from 45-60 pounds (21-32kg), males can weigh in at a bit more, from 45-70 pounds (21-28kg).

Keep in mind that a Standard Poodle puppy will keep growing during his or her first year. The weight can seem fast as Poodles can double in size every week or so until they are 4-5 months old. Poodles’ growth rate slows down to a more gradual and steady development between 5-12 months.

After Poodles hit the one-year mark, you can expect them to stop growing taller. This doesn’t mean that your Poodle stops growing completely. In fact, after one year, Poodles can continue to gain some weight and round out in the middle for the next six months.

Once your Standard Poodle reaches 18 months old to around 2 years old, he will reach his adult height and weight.

3. Moyen (Klein) Poodle

Moyen Poodle

This might be the first time that you’ve heard about this type of Poodle.

That’s because Moyen is French for “medium” and this special medium-sized Poodle was developed in Europe. This medium Poodle size fits in between the Standard and Miniature Poodles.   

Moyen Poodles, either bred from two Moyen Poodles or from a Standard and Miniature Poodle, reach 15 to 18 inches (38-45cm) tall at the shoulder. They usually weigh between 17 and 35 pounds (8-15kg).

Since the American Kennel Club doesn’t officially recognize it as a size, you’ll see Moyen Poodles registered as a Standard or a Miniature Poodle depending on her height. Currently, the AKC states that any Poodle that stands taller than 15 inches is a Standard Poodle.

Since Moyen Poodles are often taller than 15 inches, this basically makes them a small Standard Poodle in the United States. If you have a Moyen Poodle, you can still register him with the AKC, but will need to register it as either a Standard or Miniature Poodle.

4. Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodle

A Miniature Poodle weighs in heavier than a toy Poodle, but it is still an adorably small size at roughly 11 to 15 inches (28-38cm) tall. Most of these cute little dogs weigh in at between 10 to 15 pounds (4-7kg).

While you might find that some individual does are a little smaller, these slender and light-boned dogs are one of the three sizes of Poodles formally recognized by the American Kennel Association.

Most Miniature Poodles get just high enough to reach the height of their owner’s knee. If you end up with a Miniature Poodle that keeps growing taller than 15 inches, check again. You might just have an accidental Moyen or Standard Poodle on your hands.

According to the official standards for the Poodle, any Poodle that is taller than 15 inches or reaches more than 10 inches at the top of the dog’s withers can’t compete as a Miniature Poodle.

5. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle

A Toy Poodle slides even farther down the tiny scale with its delicate, 10-inch-tall frame (26cm). Most of these little dogs weigh somewhere between 6 and 10 pounds (2.5-6kg). Some individual dogs can weigh even less than 6 pounds. Both fall under the Toy Poodle category by official standards.

Most Toy Poodles grow faster for the first few months of puppyhood. Most dogs start out at just a couple of inches tall. For 16 to 24 weeks, you might notice that your Toy Poodle is eating more because it is rapidly growing in height and weight. By 24 weeks, most Toy Poodles will have achieved 98% of their adult growth.

Female Toy Poodles started a fraction of a pound smaller than their male counterparts. Most female Toy Poodles weigh 7.2 pounds compared to an average 8-pound male by 100 weeks.

6. Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodle

It might come as a surprise that there are no official breed standards for a Teacup Poodle. You can follow this general rule for these dainty dogs that are small enough to fit in a large cup. Most stand 9 inches (23cm) or less tall. These minuscule, elegant pets look like cuddly stuffed animals and weigh less than 6 pounds. 

If you’re trying to register your Teacup Poodle with the American Kennel Club, it’s important to know that the term Teacup Poodle is not an official standardization for a separate breed of Poodle.

If you have a micro-Poodle that fits within the lower end of this range, you’ll need to register it as a Toy Poodle. In the world of dog breeding, however, any Poodle that falls under nine inches is unofficially known as a Teacup Poodle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Determine My Poodle Size?

You can simply determine this by measuring your poodle from the withers at the shoulder base, to their toes, and comparing your findings AKC official Poodle measurements.

How To Determine Poodle Size

Which Poodle Size Is Most Popular?

Google Trends clearly show that the smaller poodle sizes are more popular than the larger ones, with the Toy Poodle taking the lead, followed by the Teacup Poodle and the Moyen/Klein.

Which Poodle Size Is Most Popular.