Moyen Poodles – Are They the Goldilocks of the Breed?

Dogs have been human companions for hundreds of years. Pets are used as guards, helpers in agriculture, as well as cute and funny friends, giving a lot of positive emotions and brightening up moments of loneliness and sadness. Conditions in modern apartments often do not allow keeping large breeds that need a lot of space and special care. Therefore, people often prefer small pets that have a funny look, playful and affectionate character, and are completely harmless to small children. Among the vast number of miniature breeds, dog handlers recommend paying attention to the Moyen poodle.

Description of the Moyen poodle breed

The Moyen poodle is a relatively new size that fits between miniature and standard poodles. In Europe, a poodle of this size is called the Klein poodle. It is also worth noting that Moyen poodles do not yet have a recognized size by the American Kennel Club (AKC) standards as they are still relatively new to the United States.

The breed Moyen (Klein) poodle is the result of sectional work on crossing the curly Hungarian shepherd dog and the Italian water spaniels. Four centuries ago, this breed was used to accompany hunters.

The thick hair allowed the animals to endure the cold climate and field conditions easily. The dogs quickly studied the owners’ commands and happily brought prey and made a minimum of noise in the forest.

Over the years, dog handlers have divided poodles into several types according to parameters. That’s how we got standard, miniature, toy and, of course, the Moyen poodle. A beautiful and funny animal is brought to a modern city only as a friend and is not used for hunting for a long time. The height and size of a dog of this breed at the withers reaches 38-45 cm (15″-18″). At the same time, the maximum weight of an adult Moyen poodle ranges from 8 to 15 kg (17-35 pounds). It should be noted that by the end of the first year of life, dogs gain most of the weight, which can only increase slightly with age.

Moyen poodles have a strong build with well-developed muscles. The long hair of animals has a wavy structure and practically does not shed. Animals have parallel limbs with developed joints and elastic pads. The base of the tail is at the level of the lumbar region. The scruff is in the neck area. The head is set high, and the muzzle is long with a prominent nose.

In accordance with established standards, the ears’ length should be at the same level as the eyes. The ears are elongated, curled, and hang down freely. In the area of the frontal lobe, there are small almond-shaped eyeballs. Some poodles have a slight squint. The color of the eyeballs ranges from yellow to brown. Moreover, there can be more than six puppies in a litter.

Before purchasing this breed, it is necessary to study the intricacies of haircuts for a curly pet. Moyen poodle needs regular and quality hair care. If the owners plan to participate in exhibitions with their poodle, they should know the allowed haircut list. Novice dog owners can seek help and advice from professional groomers who will not only trim the pet, but also help the owner in mastering this procedure.

Character traits

The Moyen poodle is a friendly dog with a cheerful, mischievous, kind, and playful personality. The animal loves outdoor games and quickly finds a common language with both young children and other inhabitants of the house. A non-conflict and sociable pet will easily find contact even with large and aggressive dogs and wayward cats. Moyen poodles have a high level of intelligence and are easy to train. The poodle takes an active part in its owner’s sports and will gladly become a partner in health running.

Despite its genial nature and puppet-like appearance, the Moyen poodle is a reliable protector. In the event of even minimal danger, the animal, without hesitation, will rush to save its owner, and after making sure that there is no threat, he will again start fooling around and having fun. A beautiful and graceful animal looks spectacular at dog shows and loves to pose in front of photo cameras.

A cheerful and sociable pet does not tolerate loneliness. Without communication, Moyen poodle is constantly howling, whining, and may even get depressed. Considering all character traits, this breed will become invaluable for families with children and an active young generation. Moreover, the Moyen poodle is an ideal dog for lonely older adults because the pet will not only not let them get bored but will also be there during a period of illness or poor health. It is better for inactive and busy people not to pay attention to these playful animals.

Care and maintenance

Strong immunity and the most comfortable living conditions allow Moyen poodles to please their owners for at least 15 years. Some dogs can live up to 18 years. The following pathologies can significantly shorten the life of poodles:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system
  • Disruption of the digestive system
  • Disruption of the central nervous system
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatic disease
  • Disorders of the thyroid gland
  • Glaucoma
  • Skin inflammation
  • Diseases of the teeth and oral cavity

Timely vaccinations and regular visits to veterinarians will help prolong your pet’s life. However, Moyen poodles belong to unpretentious types of pets and do not need special conditions and increased attention. This breed is distinguished by high intelligence, so animals do not gnaw wires or damage furniture, and also, they don’t bark for no reason, which can cause inconvenience to neighbors. Before buying a dog, you should pay special attention to the arrangement of its habitat. There should be no heating devices and a strong sound source near the designated place; drafts are also contraindicated. For rest, you need to purchase a particular warm rug, which must be regularly cleaned and washed.

An energetic pet needs a morning and evening walk. The time spent on the street must be at least 60 minutes. Every time you go outside, you need to wash your pet’s limbs thoroughly. Moreover, monthly water treatments will prevent dangerous parasites’ appearance and give the coat a shiny and silky texture. To wash the animal, you need to use special shampoos, and the use of conditioners will remove the unpleasant odor. What’s more, to avoid colds, wool should be dried with a hairdryer.

Brushing your pet should be a daily routine. The thick and wavy coat must be carefully combed out with special soft-bristled brushes. If necessary, you need to trim the animal. For this procedure, you can use conventional machines. If your pet needs a special hairstyle, experienced dog breeders recommend contacting professional masters.

Long ears should be examined regularly, and all dirt should be carefully removed with cotton swabs. You can wash your pet’s eyes only with special eye drops. In specialized stores, you need to buy toothpaste for dogs and a toothbrush, which needs to be treated every two days. In order to prevent the development of inflammatory processes and premature loss of teeth, Moyen poodles should be regularly carried out to the veterinary clinic.

Experienced dog breeders recommend fixing the nail plates with special nippers once every two weeks. After clipping the claws, the cut points must be filed.

Differences between the Moyen poodle and other sizes

Outwardly, the subspecies do not differ. The same standards of appearance are adopted for all, and the main difference is in size. In terms of its behavioral characteristics, the Moyen poodle differs from the breed’s miniature subspecies in greater restraint and tolerance. Also, unlike miniature poodles, Moyen poodles can be used as service dogs. There is no difference in temperament or endurance, but medium-sized dogs need less exercise than larger dogs and require less grooming space. In addition, unlike the standard one, the Moyen poodle is less susceptible to diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


Living a pet in an apartment is not only a sea of joy and happiness but also daily care of your pet, its health, and diet. Before purchasing the chosen pet, you must carefully study the features of its character, the rules of feeding, and the subtleties of care, so that the animal does not become an unnecessary acquisition, which is often thrown out into the street. If you want to buy a Moyen poodle, you must understand that you are fully responsible for the little creature’s life and health. However, you can be sure that the Moyen poodle will become the most beloved and integral member of your family.

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