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The teacup is the smallest variety of toy poodles. The name of the breed was given to dogs because, at puppyhood, they easily fit in a teacup; sometimes, even adult dogs fit easily there. Teacups are considered a relatively rare breed, but sometimes these puppies appear in standard poodle litters. At the same time, the smallest poodles in the world are as energetic, playful, and quick-witted as their larger relatives.

Description of the Teacup poodle breed

Teacup poodle is a small dog with a kind disposition and a toy appearance; in fact, it is a mini version of a toy poodle. Compared to other members of the breed, the dog has a rounded skull and more prominent eyes. The skeleton of such pets is slightly deformed, and the proportions differ from the proportions of other types of poodles.

In accordance with the standard data, the teacup poodle representative has the following external characteristics:

  • The head is rounded, the forehead is of medium width, the cheekbones and cheeks are flattened, the eye arches are pronounced.
  • The nose’s bridge is straight, the lips are thick and pigmented, while the jaws are quite strong.
  • The set of teeth is often incomplete, and this is considered a deviation.
  • Eyes are expressive.
  • The auricles are soft, rounded, and hanging down.
  • The body is oblong.
  • The limbs are straight, the thighs are wide, and the arms are rounded.
  • The tail is set high and carried at an angle.

Although this breed is not officially recognized and there are no official standards, the most common data is that the Teacup poodle is no more than 23 cm (9″) tall and weighs less than 3 kg (6 pounds). The coat of miniature pets is the same as that of regular poodles: thick, curly, and requiring careful maintenance. Also, in early puppyhood, they may have moles that are not completely closed. The lifespan of a teacup poodle is 8 to 15 years.

Character traits

Like any poodle, teacup exhibits artistic qualities. The character of the dog is obedient, affectionate, and kind. He lends himself well to training, is attached to the owner, and always tries to please him. In addition, the pet is very obedient, loves to play and demonstrates its skills, and also treats guests well. Such a dog is distinguished by curiosity that does not subside with age. At any age, the teacup poodles literally poke their nose into everything.

If there are small children in the house, then the dog will be happy to play with them and obey unquestioningly. It is very important for a teacup poodle to know that he is loved because he has a delicate psyche and a sensitive nervous system. The dog is easily aroused and frightened. However, keep in mind that the teacup poodle is a predator. This means that all the dog’s instincts are preserved. Therefore, in no case should you pamper the baby and forgive any pranks. Otherwise, it will ruin the character of the animal. It is also worth noting that the dog tolerates loneliness well. Leaving for work, you can safely leave him alone, and he will not suffer from this.

The teacup poodles have undeniable advantages that cannot be ignored when choosing the breed of your future pet, such as:

  • High level of intelligence.
  • Lack of aggression
  • Unquestioning obedience.
  • Activity and artistry.
  • Devotion to the owner.
  • The dog is great for keeping in an apartment.
  • Teacup poodles are not prone to conflicts with other pets.
  • These dogs don’t bark for no reason.

Considering all these advantages, it would be a pleasure to keep such a pet in the house, if not for some of the disadvantages inherent in this breed:

  • Teacup poodles are too small and, due to the special structure of the skull, are more prone to injury than other varieties of poodles.
  • They may also be predisposed to certain diseases that are not characteristic of their larger relatives, such as urolithiasis, alopecia, tonsillitis, microphthalmia, etc.
  • When keeping such a pet, special care must be taken so as not to accidentally step on him or drop any heavy object on him. In addition, the dog should not be allowed to jump from the chair or sofa to the floor.
  • In the cold season, a teacup poodle can easily catch a cold and cannot do without a warm sweater or blanket. Therefore, in winter, he should only go out in quilted overalls.
  • It is not recommended to buy such tiny dogs if the family has children, the elderly, or visually impaired relatives.
  • Breeding teacup poodles are not a good idea for a novice breeder. Not to mention the fact that the breed is not officially recognized, obtaining offspring from micro-dogs is a task of incredible complexity, which even a real specialist cannot always cope with. Moreover, teacup poodle bitches often have a hard time giving birth.
  • Teacup Japanese poodles are some of the most expensive dogs in the world. Their cost is on average $5.000, and it is recommended to buy them exclusively in Japan, where this breed was bred.

It is very important to understand that buying a teacup poodle is a rather risky business. The breed is not officially recognized, so there is no guarantee that a puppy purchased as a “micro” will not grow to the size of a toy or even a miniature poodle. Moreover, many “businessmen” who do not want to lose profits can easily sell an ordinary toy poodle under the guise of a teacup.

Nutrition and diet

The way a miniature dog is fed is fundamental, as its health and life expectancy depends on it. The Teacup poodle has rather fragile health, and what an ordinary dog can do is forbidden for such a baby. As an example, it is strictly forbidden to give such dog sugar and any sweet food, chocolate, and all products containing it. River fish, as well as beans and potatoes in any form, are also unacceptable. The most preferred food for a Teacup poodle is a natural food, that is, food that the owner has prepared.

The worst option is dry food.

A sample Teacup poodle menu might look like this:

  • Lean meat (poultry, beef, or veal). Pork is strictly prohibited.
  • Boiled sea fish without bones.
  • Grated raw carrots.
  • Fermented milk products (cottage cheese, unsweetened yogurt, kefir).
  • Fruit (bananas or apples).
  • Porridge (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal).

It is highly advisable to add olive or sunflower oil to food. Serving size should not exceed 30-40 g.

Care and maintenance

Like most decorative breeds, a Teacup requires careful maintenance and attention to itself.

  1. Regarding teeth cleaning and care, you should know that the poodle’s teeth are a vulnerable spot. This means that the dog needs regular check-ups with a veterinary dentist. You should see your doctor at least every six months. Besides, it would be best if you brushed his teeth regularly, at least once a week. In this case, you should use a special toothbrush and toothpaste. As prophylaxis against dental plaque, special delicacies are used.
  2. Grooming includes bathing, brushing, and trimming. It would help if you bathed your dog every 2-3 months using a special shampoo and conditioner. As for combing, it is best to do it daily so as not to tangle your pet’s hair. It is recommended to trim a Teacup poodle only in a grooming salon. Self-grooming is not recommended due to the dog’s miniature size.
  3. It would be best if you also trimmed your Teacup poodle’s nails regularly. This should be done every 2-3 weeks, focusing on the rate of claw regrowth. Use cutting pliers when cutting. Under no circumstances should regular nail clippers be used.
  4. For cleaning your dog’s ears, regular cotton pads and a special lotion are best. This cleaning is usually done once a week. Soak a cotton ball or swab in lotion and gently rub the inside of your pet’s ear.
  5. Show your pet to your veterinarian annually for disease prevention purposes.
  6. Despite its small size, the dog should definitely exercise regularly. Therefore, you should take daily walks with him.
Teacup Poodle


Teacup poodle is a lively, active, but very sensitive dog. He is sociable, agile, loves children, and gets along well with other pets. Another quality of the dog is the tendency to choose a favorite among family members; as a rule, it is the mistress of the house.

When buying a puppy of this breed, remember that a Teacup is a dog that requires a careful and responsible attitude. Do not coddle and pamper your pet unnecessarily. Despite the toy appearance, such a dog needs training, exercise, and discipline. Remember – your attitude to your pet is a guarantee of its health and longevity. With the right upbringing, the Teacup poodle will become a wonderful friend and companion for you. 

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