Code of Ethics

Honesty and Fairness

We are transparent and truthful in all aspects of running PoodleHQ. Misrepresentation of products or services will not be tolerated.

Conflicts of Interest

Personal interests do not influence business decisions or objectivity in any way. Staff must disclose potential conflicts.


Sensitive information is protected and only shared with consent as required by law.


We abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Staff must understand legal obligations.

Protection of Assets

Company resources are used properly, legally and only for business purposes.

Diversity and Inclusion

We respect differences and foster a welcoming space free from harassment or discrimination.


We operate responsibly considering environmental, social and economic impacts. Negative effects are minimized and positive contributions maximized.

This Ethics Code represents my commitment to operating PoodleHQ legally, ethically and with integrity. Non-compliance may result in discipline up to termination of employment or contracts. The wellbeing of all individuals involved is my top priority.