Meet The Team Behind PoodleHQ

Our Team

Marko Ivanoski

I’m the founder and author behind PoodleHQ. I bring together extensive expertise and formal education in Animal Behavior and Canine Genetics. With the responsibility of caring for multiple poodle generations, I’ve become a true connoisseur of the breed.

This journey has led me to be recognized with the prestigious Canine Care Excellence Award and earn praise from the International Pet Enthusiasts Association. These honors inspire me to continue my commitment to the welfare and understanding of these wonderful companions.

Currently, I’m fortunate to share my life with my first poodle’s niece. It’s a privilege I hold dear, and I’m dedicated to passing on the same profound bond to the generations that follow.

Dr Linda Simon


Dr Linda Simon MVB MRCVS is a locum veterinary surgeon who has worked in London for the past 11 years.

She graduated top of her class in small animal medicine from UCD, Dublin. She is currently a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Linda has a strong interest in geriatric dog care, endocrinology and allergies.

Linda is the resident vet for Pooch and Mutt dogs food and a frequent contributor to People’s Friend Magazine, Vet Help Direct and Wag! Linda also writes content for the CVS veterinary group, Vetwriter and a number of other establishments.

Our Team
Shannen Standiford

Shannen Standiford


Shannen has over 5 years of hands-on experience as a trainer and behaviorist and over 10 years of experience with animals professionally.

When she first began her training journey, she immediately fell in love with the line of work and knew she was where she was meant to be.

Shannen is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist through the University of Washington and over the years has specialized in reactivity, separation anxiety, obedience training, and service dog training!

She has a 4-year-old Golden Retriever named Chance who she absolutely adores, and who inspires her every day to continue her passion for pets.