Complaints Policy

Submitting a Complaint

Please provide full details of your complaint, including any relevant documentation or evidence.


We will acknowledge receipt within 2 business days and provide the name of the staff member handling the case. If complex, interim updates will be provided.


Complaints will be investigated thoroughly and resolved efficiently. Possible outcomes may include refunds, credits, replacements or other remedies depending on the issue. Our response will outline the resolution and next steps.

Feedback Welcome

We welcome feedback on our response to help improve our processes further.


We aim to resolve complaints within 10 business days. Delays will be communicated with a revised timeline.


If unsatisfied with the resolution, please contact Marko Ivanoski at so he may personally review any additional steps needed for prompt, agreeable closure while maintaining confidentiality.

Record Keeping

Records of complaints and our responses will be kept internally for at least 6 months. Management reviews all complaints to monitor trends and significant issues. We are committed to exceptional customer service and resolution of concerns.

Our goal is ensuring complete satisfaction through respectful, timely and thoughtful handling of any issues that may arise. Please let me know if there is any way I can improve the experience for our community.