White Poodles – No Bones About It

The poodle is a unique breed that combines high intelligence and an attractive appearance. It’s an ideal dog for families with children because poodles are patient with children’s games and take part in them with pleasure. Since this is an old, mostly decorative breed, many of you may be aware that this breed has several varieties of sizes and colors. However, white poodles have an incredibly bright and memorable coat color. Going out for a walk with such a dog, be prepared that all attention will be focused on them. 

White Poodles - No Bones About It

What does a white poodle look like?

White poodles are quite a common breed and possess all the essential qualities in this group of dogs. One of the peculiarities of white poodles is that they have black body parts: nose, paw pads, claws, and eye contours, making them all more beautiful.

It is noteworthy that white poodle puppies may initially be born with a pink nose or paw pads, but they will darken as they age. What’s more interesting, most puppies are born with cream or apricot spots on their breasts, ears, and lower limbs, but the coat turns white with age. It is also important to note that the coloration becomes snow-white at the first molt and never changes back. The eyes of such representatives of the breed are always brown. The skin under the coat can be completely pink or truffle, that is, have dark specks.


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White poodles can be born from dogs with colored coats

Such puppies are full-fledged, and in the future, when crossed, they will not give puppies with a multi-colored coat. They are allowed to participate in shows and receive points if they meet breed standards. They are also widely used in breeding to obtain snow-white representatives of the breed.

Snow-white poodles are quite attractive and photogenic, but with an animal of this color, there are many more worries than with all other representatives of this breed. Remember, this color option works best for very tidy people.

White Poodle

The original purpose of white poodles 

The white poodle was a hunting dog designed for catching birds and small wild animals. During World War II, poodles were used to find mines on the battlefield. Poodles also accompanied soldiers during reconnaissance operations. Now representatives of this breed often perform in the circus, star in films, and participate in exhibitions. The animal’s long and obedient coat allows the owners to make various haircuts and hairstyles, so the white poodle began to be considered a decorative breed. It quite often brought fame and fortune to themselves and their owners.

The character of white poodles 

Most white poodles are very docile, gentle, and soft animals. They do not show aggression towards people, love to play with small children, and get along well with other animals. Dogs of this breed have great intuition: they can sense in advance what command you will give. White poodles do not create a lot of noise around themselves and do not cause trouble for their owners. They are very active and funny animals.

Poodles have good acting qualities, and it is simply impossible to resist their charm. This dog does not like being left alone and reacts painfully to the owner’s prolonged absence, so avoid this as much as possible. The animal can get quickly bored from a lack of physical activity and start doing bad things, like chew furniture or your favorite shoes. Therefore, the poodle needs regular walks and active games to drain their energy correctly.

How to groom your white poodle 

This breed does not require any special conditions for keeping. The poodle will feel good and adapt quickly both in an apartment and in a house. The main thing is not to forget to walk the dog daily and provide him with the necessary physical activity.

This breed has a relatively long coat, so you need to groom the coat regularly. It would be best if you combed the coat of your poodle daily to prevent tangles from forming. White poodles should be kept by people who are not afraid that these poodles’ coats can get dirty quite quickly, as you’ll have to wash your pet regularly with a special dog-friendly shampoo. 

However, it is not recommended to do this too often, as the dog’s skin can become dry. If, after a walk, the pet has a smear or a smudge on the coat, it is enough to clean it with a damp brush or cloth. Also, don’t forget to clean your dog’s ears regularly with a special solution and monitor the condition of the animal’s eyes, trim the claws, and brush its teeth. 

White Poodle In The Park

How to keep a white poodle clean? 

To keep your dog’s white coat clean, we’ve put together some of the most helpful tips and tricks for you: 

  • Use a whitening shampoo. There are special shampoos with a formula specially designed to remove stains from white coats. Besides, they enhance the natural color of the poodle’s hair. Often these shampoos contain a brightening formula that neutralizes the visible yellow cast. It is worth noting that these shampoos are also suitable for most skin and hair types. 
  • If you want to remove stubborn stains, do not dilute the whitening shampoo. Instead, use the mixture neat and let it soak into your dog’s hair for a few minutes before rinsing. 
  • If your white poodle has a very gray or mottled coat, try using baking soda. Not only is it great at removing stains, but it is also an excellent addition to whitening shampoos. Pour the shampoo directly into the bath or mix it with a paste and apply it directly to any stains. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off. 
  • Use a good quality conditioner. Using conditioner after shampooing will improve the coat’s condition, making it less porous, brittle, and prone to staining. 
  • Rinse off all products thoroughly. Residues from the product can make your pet’s white coat look dull.
  • If your dog has tear stains on his/her white coat, you can use a stain remover specially formulated for the eye area. A noticeable result will appear with regular use for several weeks. It is important to remember that the area around the dog’s eyes must be handled with great care, and the product must not get directly into the eyes. 
  • It is vital to keep the area around the eyes as dry as possible so that moisture from the tear ducts does not attract bacteria and intensify staining. 
  • If you regularly encounter tear stains, be sure to check your pet with a veterinarian. In the worst-case scenario, the cause may be an infection of the tear ducts or a blockage. 
  • Trim the hair around the eyes, feet, and mouth to prevent further staining. 

Why is your white poodle turning brown/red?

Coat discoloration is a prevalent problem in most dogs with white coats. The staining of the hair into red or brown is caused by porphyrin. Porphyrins are iron-containing molecules that are formed when the body breaks down red blood cells. They are excreted mainly in the feces but also urine, tears, and saliva.

An infection can primarily cause the brown color of the coat with the yeast Malassezia. It is this yeast that causes skin and ear infections in dogs. Additionally, if your poodle has excessive eye discharge, it could mean a chronic eye infection or blocked tear ducts. At the same time, excessive salivation can lead to dental problems.

Considering all these problems, it is essential to monitor and care for your pet poodle closely. If necessary, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

Final Thoughts

White poodles have one of the oldest colors of this breed. No one can indifferently walk past a proud and stately white poodle. They always attract the attention of others. However, do not forget that you will have to regularly groom, cut, and take care of your pet for this. Therefore, when choosing a puppy, it is vital to know in advance all the features and subtleties of caring for poodles of this color. Otherwise, they are ideal dogs for families with small children, as they are very kind, intelligent, and always keep the company in games.

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