Boodle – Pitbull Terrier Poodle Mix

Can you think of any two dog breeds that seem to be opposite ends of the spectrum regarding behavior and appearance? Are you stuck for thoughts? How about a Pitbull Terrier and a Poodle! Combine those two breeds, and you get a crossbreed known as a Boodle or a Pitbull Poodle mix. We bet this has probably caught your attention, just like it once did to us.

Boodles_ A Guide To The Pitbull And Poodle Mix

History of the Boodle

The Pitbull Poodle mix didn’t come into existence overnight. To learn more about this designer breed, we must look at their parent breed.

First of all, the Standard Poodle originated from Germany, and evidence of it dated back to the 15th century. It was deliberately bred to be a duck hunting & working dog. It then became popular in other countries like France and Spain, where the breed diversified even more.


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On the other hand, a Pitbull Terrier’s existence dates back to the 18th century in the United Kingdom. A Pit Bull Terrier is not a purebred; it is related to a bulldog. During the 18th century, bulldogs were bred to fight bulls and perform in dog fights.

More games involving bulldogs became popular and caused owners to think about building better-skilled dogs.

This led to the Bulldogs being bred with terriers, forming the Pitbull Terrier. Later they were bred with the Poodle, creating the Boodle.

Boodle – Pitbull Terrier Poodle Mix

What does a Pitbull and Poodle mix look like?

We reckon already; you probably have several images running through your mind regarding the appearance of this dog. Does it look elegant and pampered like its poodle parent or more muscular and aggressive like its pitbull parent?

Well, the truth is that the American Kennel Club classes this dog as a designer dog. When it comes to designer dogs, you cannot predict fully what they will look like, as the inheritance pattern can differ between each designer breed.

Therefore you might get some boodle’s looking more like its pitbull parent and others looking more like its poodle parent.

If it takes after the Poodle, it will have a soft curly coat, and if after the Pitbull parent, it will have a muscular figure and larger head. Most of the time, though, a Boodle has floppy ears, a square face, and a long muzzle, similar to a poodle.

Generally, a pitbull-poodle mix can grow up to 18-24 inches in height and weigh between 40-70 pounds.

pitbull poodle mix temperament & socialization

One of the deciding factors for any potential new dog owner is their temperament. After all, a dog’s character is not a one size fits all trait. Many dog lovers want a dog that matches specific characteristics they’re looking to fit into their lifestyle and home.

If you’re looking for a loyal, energetic, intelligent, and responsive dog, then the Boodle is for you. Depending on what genetics it inherits from each parent, its characteristics may be difficult to predict.

For example, if it takes more after the Poodle parent, a Boodle can be quite shy towards new people. However, this can be reversed if you socialize them from an early age.

Other doodle breeds originating from the USA and similar in size and temper are the Rattle, a Rat Terrier Poodle mix, and the Westiepoo, so go ahead and discover what’s all about.

Boodle – Pitbull Terrier Poodle Mix

Are Boodle’s easy to train?

Thanks to its incredibly smart parent, the Boodle is a breed that is easy to train and learn commands. The best way to train a Boodle is from an early age and using positive reinforcement. This means giving it treats and rewards for every good behavior it does.

Do Boodles make good family dogs?

Yes, we understand it can be daunting and somewhat intimidating given the Boodle’s parent, the Pitbull, and wondering if it has similar behavior around your children.

If you do have children, do note that this pitbull mix is an excellent family pet that’s also good with first-time dog owners.

We say potential because they must be socialized from an early age with other children and animals. Once they’ve become socialized, this breed is often gentle and playful. If you have children and are considering getting a Boodle, we recommend supervising your child when playing with the animal.

How much exercise does a Boodle need?

You’re lucky if you own a Boodle, as they are intellectual and physically in shape. It gets its activeness from the Pitbull breed and its mental intelligence from the Poodle. Which means it requires both mental and physical stimulation. If you don’t do this, a Boodle could adopt self-destructive behaviors.

It requires an hour of exercise each day and plenty of games to keep its mind active. Great games to play fetch, hide, sniffing games with a kong toy, and even playing ball. The best way to do this is by sticking to a routine.

Boodle grooming needs

Again, it’s hard to predict what a true Boodle’s coat will end up like. But, if you consider a thick curly coat of a Poodle and a Pit Bull’s short and smooth coat, then a Boodle often has wavy fur.

The Pitbull Poodle mix may come in a range of coat colors from white, brown, blue, grey, fawn, apricot, cream, tan, or brindle.

Similarly, because you can’t predict its inheritance, the grooming of a Boodle can differ. If it has a short coat like its Pitbull parent, it will only need to be brushed 2-3 times a week and washed only when necessary.

On the contrary, if it resembles more of its Poodle parent, you will have to brush it regularly. A high-quality brush like a slicker brush is required so that knots can be removed and dead hair from its body.

Is the pitbull poodle mix hypoallergenic?

A Boodle is also seen as a hypoallergenic dog, which means they shed very lightly and don’t trigger many allergies.

In addition to this, their nails need to be clipped and ears cleaned regularly. If it tends to take more after its Pitbull parent, it could be at risk of developing ear infections. As it may have a no shed gene that traps dirt in its ears.

Health problems

Generally, a Boodle tends to be a healthy breed, but it can be prone to some health problems like all dogs. The most common issues a Boodle can experience are:

  • Bloat – If a Boodle does not have sufficient exercise or lives a healthy lifestyle, its belly can become bloated. If left untreated, bloat can cause a lot of gastric issues and kill a dog.
  • Hip dysplasia – This is where a Boodle’s ball and socket joint of their hip does not fit together. Instead of gliding, the ball and socket grind against each other, causing wear and tear. Because of this, it can cause a lot of pain and mobility problems.
  • Addison’s disease – When a Boodle’s glands produce an excess amount of cortisol, weakening their immune system, putting them at risk of collapsing.
  • Juvenile renal disease – A chronic kidney disease which causes Boodles to urinate more than normal.
  • Epilepsy – A neurological condition which can trigger seizures or strokes in dogs.
  • Tracheal collapse – When the rings of a cartilage loose strength and become rigid causing the trachea to fall inwards. As a result causing vomiting, gagging, and significant breathing problems.
  • Ear infections – If it takes after its Pitbull parent, then it could be at risk of contracting ear infections. This is because they don’t shed a lot and dirt can be easily accumulated in their ears.
  • Heart diseases – If it does not live an active and healthy lifestyle, it could increase the risk of heart attack and eventually death.

pitbull poodle mix lifespan

Pit Boodles usually live 9 to 15 years, although their size can influence how long they live. Smaller mixes tend to have longer lifespans than larger ones. The health of the individual pup also plays a role in how long they live.

Boodle – Pitbull Terrier Poodle Mix

How much does a poodle pitbull mix puppies cost?

A pitbull poodle mix puppy is a rare crossbreed, and the price can vary based on their coat color, location, and availability. Likewise, the breeder’s skillset and linage can influence the cost.

On average, a price of a pit boodle puppies can be between $800-$2,500.

However, to make sure you’re getting the most for your money and a true Boodle, we advise against buying through classified ads or online. Finding a pitbull poodle mix specialized breeder who will check everything that matches your interests before bringing a puppy home.

Breeders are also available on standby to ask any questions and be happy to show you health tests or any information about their parents.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the pitbull poodle mix is a great breed to have in your home. They’re fantastic around children and require an ample amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

Plus, they’re friendly with children if they’re socialized from a young age. Which means they’re perfect dogs for making memories.

If you could tell us more down below about your dog and memories about it with your children or relatives, we would love it. Likewise, if you have a pitbull poodle mix, let us know in the comments anything we might have missed or some unique qualities you feel we should know.

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