About Marko


Marko is the founder and editor-in-chief of PoodleHQ. With over 10 years of experience caring for and breeding poodles, he has an in-depth understanding of the breed. Marko brings his expertise and passion for poodles to PoodleHQ’s content.

Career Background

Marko’s journey with poodles began in his childhood when he grew up with his first poodle. Since then, he has been involved with multiple generations of poodles. He aims to share his knowledge about poodles to help others learn about and care for these wonderful dogs.

Areas of Expertise

Marko’s areas of expertise include poodle health, nutrition, grooming, behavior and training. He enjoys breeding poodles and focuses on genetic health issues. Marko has earned the prestigious Canine Care Excellence Award for his commitment to poodle welfare.


Marko holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Behavior and a Master’s degree in Canine Genetics. His formal education provides a strong foundation for his work.


In addition to his Canine Care Excellence Award, Marko has received praise from the International Pet Enthusiasts Association for his contributions to a better understanding of poodles. He continues his commitment to furthering knowledge about poodles.

Connect with Marko

You can find Marko on Quora and Reddit sharing more about his poodles and work with PoodleHQ. To contact him directly, email him at marko@poodlehq.com or message him on social media.

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