10 Best Poodle Haircuts for Dog Groomers

What comes to your mind when you think of poodles? If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then most likely it’ll be their quirky haircuts. Not only are there many different breeds and mixes of poodles, but they also look different. Yes, you’ve seen a lot of poodles who are stylish, showy, and have their own personalities.

10 Best Poodle Haircuts For Dog Groomers

As a poodle owner, you have a lot of soft, curly hair to play with, so you can choose to have it cut (or not) in different styles. The truth is, you’re spoilt for choice. But, you may be wondering, what is the best poodle haircut to get? Don’t worry; we have you covered in this article with a list of the best poodle haircuts.

Why are Poodles getting hairstyles?

Poodles get haircuts because they are a breed of dog that needs to be groomed . If you don’t brush or cut their hair often, it can get matted and tangled, so haircuts help them look neat and clean.


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Don’t be fooled if you see a range of different poodles flaunting quirky cuts. While some dog owners may be doing it for fashion purposes and others for shows, this has not always been the case.

Long ago, this breed was once known as a water dog; yes, that means they loved the water. Back then, their hair was shaved so a poodle could become more streamlined, i.e., to swim faster in the water. Other parts of their body, such as their joints and around their chest, was left so they could stay warm.

1. Lion cut / Continental Cut

Just like technology, poodle haircuts change over time. One day, a certain cut might be trendy, and the next, it might be old news. To be honest, there are just so many out there. If we were to compose a whole article, you’d be sat here reading about them for days.

Continental Cut

One of the most popular poodle haircuts is the Lion’s haircut. It’s often classed as the lavish type of cut you can get for your poodle. Even Masterpiece the Poodle was trimmed to look like a lion. In this cut, its limbs will have no hair. Only pompoms of hair on each paw will remain. Similarly, your poodle will have a round tail and have hair left on its chest and stomach.

Lion Cut

If you want your poodle to have a lion cut, we wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself. This type of cut involves a large amount of time, effort, and experience. We suggest taking your poodle to a professional dog groomer if you want it to have a lion cut for a show or just because.

2. Modern cut

If you want your poodle to be ahead of the trends and in fashion, then the modern cut might be the right one to get. People often call a modern cut a Scandinavian cut or a European cut because a lot of poodles in these places have this kind of cut.

Modern Cut

What’s unique about the modern cut is that it is sleek but at the same time has a natural look to it. The coat matches and follows the shape of the poodle’s body and draws more focus to its tail, head, and ears.

3. Teddy bear cut

As the name suggests, this type of cut is designed to make your poodle look even cuter like a teddy bear. It’s becoming more and more popular choice among poodle parents, especially those with toy poodles. If you ask for this cut from the groomer, they will leave your its at its mid-length.

Teddy Bear Cut

This is done deliberately to let everyone see its gorgeous curls. Similarly, this cut’s finish is rounded, designed to make your poodle look like a teddy bear.

4. Puppy cut

Certain cuts are better suited to smaller breeds, and the puppy cut is one of them. Many dog owners choose to get this cut for miniature poodles, as it one of the best haircuts that looks good on almost all poodles.

Puppy Cut

The cut is designed to make your dog look even younger, like a puppy. In particular, it has a natural and fresh looking finish. To round off the puppy cut, your poodle will have a pompom on its tail.

5. Town and country cut

If you see poodles in the United States, you may notice the town and country cut regularly. What’s fantastic about this cut is that it’s suitable for any breed of the poodle. This cut’s unique aspect is that it leaves lots of hair on the poodle’s legs, but it also has a cylinder shape.

Town And Country Cut

On the contrary, it has shorter hair on its body, which helps make the hairs on its leg look denser and longer. Similarly, it has rounded features on its legs and head.

6. Short cut

Usually, if you see poodles out on the streets, you probably won’t see ones with short hairs. While this may be the case, there are still poodles in the world that have short haircuts. Most of the time, these poodles live in hot countries. The short haircut is practical and keeps its coat from getting knots and tangles.

Short Cut

Also, it keeps large amounts of dirt from building up in its hair, which makes your poodle cleaner. Overall, this type of cut allows you to easily maintain your poodle. However, this cut is not always suitable in cold weather or during the winter season. If you opt for your poodle to have this cut in winter, then cover your poodle with a coat.

7. Cupcake cut

This type of cut is probably one of the lesser popular hair cuts of the poodle world. As a poodle-owner, you may either love or hate the cupcake cut. Some people tend to think the cupcake cut can look a little strange on poodles.

Cupcake Cut

This cut’s unique aspects involve rounding the poodle’s ears and causing them to be heavily styled. The top of the poodle’s head of the poodle finishes in a point, often showing resemblance to a cupcake or a muffin.

8. Dutch cut

For several decades, the Dutch cut has been popular poodle hairstyle all over the world. If you were to live in the 1940s-1950s, you’d find that it was quite vogue for a poodle to have this hairstyle. Today this poodle hair cut is commonly displayed in many shows and contests around the world.

Dutch Cut

This coat is the same length all the way around. There are no parts that are longer or shorter than other parts. The poodle has a pompom on the end of its tail, and its legs are puffy.

In general, the Dutch coat is meant to look like the baggy trouser of a Dutchman. It’s become that popular that the British Kennel club refers to it as The Sporting Cut.

9. Summer cut

If you’re planning to cut your hair short for the summer, why not give your poodle a practical haircut too? The summer cut, also known as a utility cut, is perfect for hot weather since it keeps fur short.

Summer Cut

As an added bonus, poodles only have one coat so this low-maintenance hairstyle is ideal. You and your pup can rock shorter hairdos together!

10. English saddle cut

This fancy and showy cut focuses on making “poofs” out of your poodle’s hair, giving him the look of a snowball. It’s like a continental cut, but more hair can stay on the back of your poodle. This is the second most popular grooming style cut that the American Kennel Club says your poodle can have if it goes to shows.

English Saddle Cut

what happens if you don’t cut poodle hair

If you don’t cut your poodle’s hair, it can start to look matted and unkempt. Long hair can also make your dog feel uncomfortable and make it more likely to get too hot. Grooming your poodle is an important part of taking care of it, so make sure your groomer gives it regular haircuts.

Do poodles need haircuts in different seasons?

If you have a poodle, you may be wondering if it needs more grooming work during certain times of the year. Well, whatever the season is, you should always make an effort to groom your poodle.

Yet, during the summer season, you may choose to give it a summer cut. This is because it can get very hot and make your poodle sweat a lot.

In the same way, you might take your poodle to the park or beach more often in the summer, which can make their coat dirty quickly. So, you may wish to take it to a groomer to get an aesthetic looking cut and good for their health.

During the winter season, you should still carry on to groom your poodle. That means frequent brushing and occasionally taking them for a haircut. Do note that you won’t want to remove an excess amount of hair in the winter, as you’ll want to keep them insulated. So just a light trim will often do.

How do you get the ‘right’ poodle cut?

While there are many different poodle cuts, you can never be certain that you’re getting the ‘perfect’ poodle cut for your dog. This is because when you take it to a professional groomer, there is no standardized cut for your poodle.

There are some cuts that are popular all over the world, but some groomers have strong opinions about them. This may be in terms of size, the name of the cut, and the cutting process.

The best thing we can advise is before you take your poodle to a groomer to look on the internet. You will find lots of blogs, images, and pieces of advice on what hair cuts are trending and is best for your poodle.

Once you’ve made the decision, find a picture of the poodle haircut you like and print it off. Then take a picture of the poodle haircut to the groomers and show them what hair cut you’d like your poodle to have.

Can I give my poodle a haircut? 

If you choose not to enter your poodle into a show, you don’t need to take it to have a professional cut all the time. You can cut your poodle’s hair yourself. All you need to do is a pair of clippers and scissors. There are plenty of videos on YouTube full of instructions to do so.

how much does a poodle haircut cost

The cost of a poodle haircut will depend on the length of the hair and the complexity of the style. A basic trim may start at $30, while a more complicated cut can cost over $100. Be sure to discuss pricing with your groomer before getting your poodle’s hair cut.

Is poodle clipping an Olympic sport?

Poodle clipping was a trial event at the 1900 Olympics in Paris. 128 people competed in front of 6,000 people to see who could cut the hair off the most poodles in two hours. The event took place in the park-like area of Bois de Boulogne, and it was the only time it was an Olympic sport. Avril Lafoule, a 37-year-old French farmer’s wife from the Auvergne region, won the gold medal because she was able to clip 17 poodles in the two-hour time limit.

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