5 Things to Know Before Getting a Doodle Puppy

Many people love the idea of getting a designer dog breed, as it seems more special to them. While every dog is special, designer breeds are made to get a dog breed, which has specific characteristics from the parents that make it more ideal for some people. The main reason doodles came into existence is because people who needed guide dogs could not really get one if they were allergic. The first doodle was made by breeding a poodle with a labrador to make a new breed which can be a guide dog for allergic people.

5 Things To Know Before Getting A Doodle Puppy (1)

While there are practical reasons why doodles were bred, now many buy these just because they are designed to suit their needs and look beautiful to have at home. 

If you have a valid reason only to look for a doodle to get, here are a few questions we have answered that will make the process easier for you.

5 Things To Know Before Getting A Doodle Puppy (1)

What Will You Learn? 👇

1. What Sized Doodle are You Looking for?

As doodles are designer breeds, they come in all sizes and shapes. You have many breed options if you are looking for a small dog. A toy poodle is bred with a smaller breed dog to get the desired litter. But if you do not get a puppy from a reputed breeder, you may end up with a larger-sized dog than you have desired. Hence, you should seek reputed small doodle breeders with the help of Premier Pups. so that you get the desired size dog, which you can easily handle. Puppies are small. Hence, it becomes tough to anticipate their size as they grow fully. A reputed doodle breeder lets you meet the parents and gives you the assurance that you will end up with the right-sized dog.

If you are looking to mini size, a large breed which is becoming quite popular nowadays, then you will end up with a doodle which has taken the temperament and characteristics of poodle mainly. This is because it takes a lot of mini or toy poodle DNA to successfully make a larger dog breed into a mini. But people who look for mini sized large dog breed is because they like the dog’s laid back personality. Understand you will be ending up with a dog that is more like a poodle which is not that laid back. Hence, talk to the breeder realistically to understand if it is really what you want. 

2. Should You Have a Male or Female Puppy?

This might not seem significant initially, but you must choose the gender. A female may be the right choice if you look for more energetic and intelligent puppies. They are more active and hence need more mental stimulation.

On the other hand, if you are patient and confident that you can give the dog enough time to train, then a male puppy can be an option. Sometimes males need more time to get acquainted; hence, if you are a first-time owner, you should opt for a female instead.

3. Does a Doodle Puppy Shed?

Many people go for doodles because they want a hypoallergenic pet. Hence, they breed poodles with other breeds to get the combination of a dog with certain characteristics that do not shed as much. For example, people who wish to have an emotional support dog that does not shed go for Goldendoodles or Labradoodles, which have retriever characteristics but are less like the poodle. This is the ideal scenario, but it may not always be accurate. The litter may get more attributes from the retriever family and sheds as much. A second or third-generation doodle has a greater chance of being the desirable puppy you are looking for.

If you are allergic, you will have to ask the breeder to get a genetic test before you get the puppy. Not every doodle is the same. Choosing the best breeders with the help of Breeder Best will help you find the right puppy for you.

4. Will a Doodle be the Right Fit with Your Current Dog?

5 Things To Know Before Getting A Doodle Puppy (1)

If you have other dogs in your home, you have to consider the personalities of those dogs before you bring in a new one. If your dog is dominant and calm, a high-energy dog is not the right fit for it as it may upset your dog. If you have female dogs, we suggest getting a male, as introducing another female dog can be an issue, and they may clash.

On the other hand, if you have a male dog at home, either gender is ok to be introduced to it as they are more laid-back. If you have a Golden Retriever at home, getting Goldendoodle is a good idea, as the personalities will match, and the dogs can get used to each other quickly.

5. Does Good Breeding Matter?

The breeder must be an expert in breeding doodles or else you will not end up with the desired puppy. Dogs that are bred by uneducated breeders can be anything nor like you expected. A breeder who is inexperienced and does not understand temperament should not be breeding in the first place.

Another thing a breeder should understand is the breeding line it is using. Most breeds are bred to work. For example, Golder retrievers also come from different lines, like there are the ones that are bred to win dog shows, which means it was bred to look pretty hence will be calmer. If the dog was bred to retrieve birds from the field, then obviously it will be more energetic and active. Hence, the breeder should understand the line of dog it wants to breed to get the desired result.

The Bottom Line:

While you can always get a doodle but if you do not have any specific reason to get one, you can also look for other dog breeds at a shelter nearby and give a dog who needs a home a chance to find its forever home.