Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix: Aussiedoodle or Aussiepoo

More about the Aussiedoodle breed

The Aussiedoodle is a combination of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. This designer breed has only started to gain attention in the U.S.A in the last few decades or so. However, before that, it was not really known where they came from or how they started to appear. 

Aussiedoodles And Aussiepoos_ A Look At The Australian Shepherd And Poodle Mix Breed

To have a better idea, we should look at its parents breed. First of all, the Aussiedoodle can be deceiving like its parent.

Likewise, the Standard Poodle came from France/Germany and was used to commonly hunt birds and ducks. Similarly, depending on its poodle parent, you can find that the Aussiedoodle comes in three sizes: the Aussiedoodle, Mini/Miniature Aussiedoodle or Toy Aussiedoodle. 


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While its name may point in the direction of Australia, its parent actually originates from America. It’s believed that it came about to be used as a herding dog in the 19th century.

If you’re a fan of Australian breeds or doodles, you might want to check out the Terripoo, an Australian Terrier Poodle mix, or the if you’re more interested in working breeds there is also the Blue Heeler.

This crossbreed can live up to the ages of 10 to 13 years. 

Typical temperament and socialization of an Aussiedoodle

Irrespective of the size of an Aussiedoodle, this dog is high energy and requires a lot of daily exercises to burn it off. Even more so if it inherits its herding instinct from the parent dog breed. 

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Aussiedoodle Or Aussiepoo

Such exercises that use up lots of energy are walking, agility courses, swimming ( if they inherit the genes from their Poodle parent), fetch, and more. 

This crossbreed can be very playful and will need around 90 minutes of exercise each day! Therefore if you’re someone who’s quite lethargic and does not like exercise, then Aussiedoodles are not the right dog for you. 

Similarly, because both of its parents are smart and high-energy animals, this dog needs to be kept busy and mentally stimulated for most of its waking hours. 

That means you can give it jobs to do like certain fetch behaviors, for example, retrieving your mail. Otherwise, If you tend to leave it on its own, it could become self-destructive.

We don’t advise leaving an Aussiedoodle for long periods home alone either; this breed can easily suffer from separation anxiety and destruct your home. Plus, because Aussiedoodles love people and the indoors, they should not live outside.

Similarly, it’s also essential that this breed is socialized and trained from an early age. The best way to do this is through positive reinforcement (giving them a treat or reward) when they’ve done good behavior. As well as getting them familiar with other animals and humans while young.

Speaking of an early age, this dog is perfect for families. They are loyal and affectionate dogs with eager to please nature. This means if you have kids, they will fit easily into your family. 

But, do be cautious bringing it into your house with a kid; while they may not be aggressive, they’re still a big dog with a high amount of energy and could hurt them by accident. 

If you walk an Aussiedoodle, you may realize that they may become aggressive to other dogs or new people. Don’t worry; this is often an instinct inherited from their ancestor, as they were used to guarding a range.

Are Aussiedoodles good with other pets?

Yes, Aussiedoodles are good with other pets. They are friendly and outgoing, and they get along well with other dogs and cats.

What is the Aussiedoodle size?

There is no specific size for an Aussiedoodle; due to its Poodle parent, it can vary in height and weight. Expect this breed to grow to 12 to 18 inches if it’s a mini Aussiedoodle and anything up to 22inches if it’s a medium-sized to standard. 

Further to this, when it comes to weight, you should expect an Aussiedoodle to weigh between 15 to 35ibs if it’s a mini and 50 to 70ibs if it’s a Standard.

What does an australian shepherd mix look like?

If you were to get an Aussiedoodle, you would find that their coat can vary and be influenced as a combination of their parents. 

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Aussiedoodle Or Aussiepoo

Generally, they do not come in a specific color. It can come in various colors from black, tan, red merle, blue merle, parti, sable, and more colors. 

In addition to its color, it can come in several textures. In particular, some Aussiedoodles will have wavy coats, and other types have tight ringlet curls. Because of their coat, they’re often able to handle cold weather, however, be cautious as sometimes they need an extra layer of protection.

Is the australian shepherd poodle mix hypoallergenic?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual dog’s coat and skin type. However, this mixed breed generally considered to be hypoallergenic dog due to their low-shedding coat. This means that they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to dogs.

Aussiedoodle grooming requirements

Aussiedoodles tend to have a wavy coat that experiences very little shedding. However, there are times, which they can inherit more from their Shepherd side, and their coat might be straight. Similarly, it may be a double coat, which can cause them to shed on the arrival of each spring and fall. 

If they have a curly or wavy coat, they will need to be trimmed every 8-12 weeks. It’s up to you as a dog owner if you choose to clip it yourself or get your Aussiedoodle curls clipped at a groomer.

However, irrespective of the coat they have, they will need to be brushed daily to stop it from becoming matted and remain shiny. Likewise, they will need to have their nails clipped every two weeks and teeth brushed once per week. They also require their ears to be cleaned once a week using a cotton swab and epiotic solution.

What do you feed Aussiedoodles?

When fully grown, an Aussiedoodle will need two meals of dog food per day packed full of protein, fat, vitamin, and minerals. You can feed this crossbreed raw food or even kibble. We say kibble because it’s made with the right ratio of nutrients in it.

However, out of all the kibble types in the market, you must find the kibble suitable for your Aussiedoodle. Remember, this crossbreed is full of energy and highly athletic, so it needs to be getting the right nutrients based on the size, breed, and age. 

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Aussiedoodle Or Aussiepoo

Be careful when feeding an Aussiedoodle though, they do not know when they’re full and can easily overeat. If they overeat they can easily become overweight and become unhealthy. 

Australian shepherd poodle Health problems

If you’re to own an Aussiedoodle, it’s most likely they will be at risk of developing a health problem that a Poodle or Australian Shepherd parent faces, which are the following:

  • Ivermectin Sensitivity– An intolerance to the neurotoxin Ivermectin causing a toxic build-up in the brain. As a result triggering pupil dilation, lethargy, breathing difficulties, motor impairment, and even death.
  • Cataracts– A cloudiness that develops on a dog’s lens and can disrupt their vision, often leading to blindness. 
  • Progressive renal atrophy- A degenerative disease affecting their body parts and can also cause blindness in their eye.
  • Cushing’s disease- When the dog’s body produces too much cortisol, and can make them prone to more skin infections, more hungry, thirsty, breathless, and can experience many more symptoms. 
  • Epilepsy – A brain disorder that can cause seizures, loss of consciousness, foaming at the mouth, and more. 

How much do Aussiedoodle puppies for sale cost?

Well, if you’re looking for a dog that’s budget-friendly, then Aussiedoodle’s may not be for you. On average, the price of an Aussiedoodle could start at $1,100 and increase even more if it’s a miniature! If you’re looking to purchase a miniature Aussie doodle, you should prepare to pay up to $,1800.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Aussiedoodle Or Aussiepoo

That’s a minimum. Aussiedoodles with a top breeder, a first-class line, or a superior pedigree can cost up to $10,000. Plus, in addition to their initial expense, you will need to save around $500-$2,000 a year just for maintenance costs of the Aussiedoodle. 

The reason we say this price is you will need to feed it, groom it, crates, leashes, collars, purchase toys, food, vet bills such as blood tests, neutering, vaccinations, and deworming. Following this, it may cost around $1,100 annually to look after and sustain this doodle.

They’re certainly an expensive cross breed to buy and maintain.

Final Thoughts

This designer dog is a breed that is highly athletic and requires 90 minutes of exercise a day. Such exercise they like is walking, running and playing fetch. Similarly, If they inherit characteristics from their poodle parent, then they may love to swim. 

In addition to their athletic nature, they also require frequent mental stimulation; otherwise, they could display self-destructive behaviors. This crossbreed has little aggression and therefore is a perfect dog for a family with children. 

You can get them in three different types and come in a range of sizes. Similarly, their coat styles can vary and either have wavy, curly, or straight fur. 

Most of the time, this breed tends to shed fur in the spring and fall seasons. This means it often has to have regular grooming, so its coat does not become matted.

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