Black Poodles: Why Is This a Popular Color

Most often, black has been the most popular coat seen in poodles as this color is the most dominant out of them all. However, if you’re looking to purchase a poodle, you may be confused about which one has a true black coat. Apart from their black coat, the poodle’s lovable nature and characteristics remain the same in the poodle family.

Is my poodle black or blue?

Poodles are unique in the sense that three different types of puppies can be born to look black. The truth is, unless you know your poodle, these breeds have variants of coat colors.

If you want a full black poodle, this is best known as a “true black.” As the name suggests, the poodle is entirely black, including its inner and outer coat, making it a true black. Plus, they will be full black on their face, and over time, their facial color won’t fade away.


The difference is that other poodles may be born black but have colors of blue and silver in their coat. At first, it’s hard to see as newborns have a mixture of hairs. However, as they get older, around 1-2 years, their coat sheds, and the colors become visible.

Because of this, there are often many blue poodles that get registered as black. Therefore you must know the above information before buying your dog. Another important reason why a true black remains black is that it has three specific enzymes: eumelanin, TRP1, and TRP2.

Ultimately to know your poodle is a true black dog, you will need to shave its hair and see if the hair color remains the same.

Sometimes you can also stumble into a diluted black color, that can closely resemble the silver poodle.

How Big Can A Black Poodle Get?

To have an idea of how tall a black colored poodle can depend on the height of its parents. Generally, it’s best to look at the poodles’ mom and dad to provide you with a rough guideline of how big the black poodle can get.

To give you an idea of the variation of black poodles’ heights and weights, it’s best to also look at their breeds. Here are the following estimate of black poodles’ heights and weights:

Standard black poodle20 to 23 inches (50 to 58 cm)45 to 80 pounds (45 to 36 kg)
Klein black poodle15 to 20 inches (38 to 50 cm)40 to 50 pounds (18 to 22 kg)
Miniature black poodle11 to 15 inches (27 to 38 cm)14 to 18 pounds (6 to 8 kg)
Toy black poodle8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm)6 to 9 pounds (2 to 4 kg)
Teacup black poodleThe height is uncertain5 to 7 pounds (2 to 3 kg)

Black Poodle Puppies vs. Black Toy Poodles (what is the difference)

Black Poodle

Poodle breeds are magnificent, and in the poodle family, there are three in total. One of which looks like a petite and cuddly teddy bear, known as a toy poodle. Black toy poodle popularity is among the highest out of all toy poodle colors.

Out of them all, the toy poodle is the smallest breed and grows up to 10 inches tall. Their curly coat requires a lot more grooming and sometimes more than the other poodle breeds do.

On the contrary, a standard poodle’s height can go up to 15 inches tall. These dogs are never aggressive, are affectionate, and happy. Plus, they are great guard dogs and observers and let you know if you have guests or visitors.

Besides the two breeds’ nature, temperament, and height, they both come in similar colors. One common color you can find in both is black.

Black Poodle Temperament

Black show poodle

The black poodle is a popular breed of dog that is known for its friendly and outgoing temperament. These dogs are intelligent and easy to train, making them a great choice for families with children. Black poodles are also active and playful, so they need plenty of exercises to stay happy and healthy.

Are they aggressive?

Generally, their natural temperament does not incorporate aggression. Black poodles can become aggressive when frightened or anxious. In particular, the toy and miniature poodle can become aggressive in this situation.

At times, poodles can be aggressive, depending on what influences their mood. Such factors that can impact their aggression are boredom, lots of energy, or they’re frightened. If you have a black poodle and want to see if it’s aggressive, then the typical warning signs are barking, lunging, gnarling, and biting.

If you do find they are displaying signs of aggression, this is a trait that can quickly be resolved through proper training & excercise.

How long do they live?

Generally, black poodles can live for 10-15 years. However, each sub-breeds lifespan can vary accordingly. Sometimes black poodles can be prone to several illnesses or diseases that can cause them to pass away sooner than others.

black poodle health issues

One of the most significant health problems which can happen to a poodle is the collapse of its trachea. Typically signs of a collapsed trachea are constant coughing, heavy breathing, and strange sounds when they breathe. When this happens, their tracheal rings will collapse and cause severe breathing difficulties. Treatment usually involves a prescription from the vet for steroids for your dog.

Moreover, poodles are susceptible to bone and joint problems. A common problem they suffer from is hip dysplasia. This is when a puddle’s hip and bone joint do not grow well together. As a result, this can cause the joint to deteriorate and lose function.

Caring and Grooming a Black Poodle

To care for a black poodle, you will need to pay special attention to its curly coat. You will need to brush your black poodle around 2-3 times each week.

It would help if you cut your poodle’s nails every 3-4 weeks. After every 2 months, you should take it to be fully groomed. Also you should use a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for a dog and brush your poodle’s teeth every day. You can also purchase rawhide and dog chews to help care for your canine’s teeth.

When it comes to food, you should stick to standard mealtimes for your black poodle. Similarly, try and make sure the food has no grains and is of high quality.

Do black poodles fade?

Black Poodle

Do black poodles fade? It is a common question among dog owners. The answer is yes, black poodles will fade over time. The fading is caused by not being truly black, aging, harmful pet shampoos, as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, bleaching the dog’s coat. 60% of all adult black poodles will slowly turn grey as seniors. If you have a true black poodle, there is a good chance they could fade to grey as they grow old.

Do poodles have black skin?

Poodles do not have black skin. They may have black fur, but their skin is usually a light color. It can range from white to dark gray and even blueish.

How much is a black standard poodle puppy?

On average, the price for a black standard poodle can vary from $500-$2,000.

Depending on where you’re from and how you purchase the black standard poodle, it may be more expensive or cheaper than the prices stated on the internet. How much are poodles can be tricky to answer as it depends on their size, color, and their background. Also, you’ll need to consider grooming costs and food.

Buying or adopting a black poodle?

If you’re looking for a black poodle to be a new addition to your family, you may be posed with the question, do you buy or adopt? Depending on your reason for the poodle, buying or adopting can have different benefits.

If you want to enter your poodle into contests, we suggest purchasing a black poodle directly from a breeder. When you buy from them, a lot of the time, the poodle has already had vaccines, gone through tests, and is mainly healthy. On the contrary, if you choose to buy a poodle directly from a kennel, it’s going to be more expensive.

Black poodle breeders are full of knowledge, as it is their specialty. Therefore most dogs are healthy, and you can ask them a lot of information right then and there. To know if you’re buying from a good breeder, look out to see if the breeder is passionate, informative, and has health-tested their animals.

On the other hand, if you wish to adopt a black poodle, you will feel good about it as most poodles who end up at the shelter have been neglected by previous owners. When adopting a black poodle, you will get to choose (based on the availability) an adult or a puppy. Because they’re looked after, many dogs in a shelter have been tested for their temperament.

Therefore before you adopt this dog breed, you can know if its temperament matches what you’re looking for. Finally, if you choose to adopt a black poodle from a shelter, expect to pay up to a couple of hundred dollars. However, they’ve usually had their vaccinations and health checkups.

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