Solved: Do Poodles Like To Cuddle?

Why do Poodles Like to Cuddle?

Poodles are famously known as affectionate dogs that love to cuddle. However, standard poodles cuddle less than toy poodles and miniature poodles. While toy poodles cuddle more because they are small and are known as lap dogs. 

A Woman Holding A White Poodle In Her Arms.

They are naturally more cuddly than standard poodles. Basically, Cuddles love to show affection to their owner and get it back, being a form of comfort. Poodles also have an innate drive to keep warm. Cuddling for Poodles is a way for them to get warm and comfortable in winter. Some other reasons Poodles like to cuddle are: 

1. They crave attention

Poodles are known to be very sociable and affectionate dogs that crave attention from their owners. They enjoy being close to humans and seek out their interaction and affection. These dogs are the happiest when they are close to their owners and love nothing more than being cuddled.


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2. They are Loyal

Poodles have a strong devotion to their family, making them great family pets. They are social animals that thrive on human interaction. When poodles become a part of the family, they quickly learn to recognize their family and become attached to them. They are also protective and bark to alert their family members of danger.

3. Bond with the owner

A Man Holding A Small Dog In His Arms.

Poodles seek opportunities to strengthen their bond with their family. They love to cuddle with their owners and have a predisposition for getting separation anxiety. Although, the most comfortable position for poodles is that they love to curl up in their owner’s lap.

4. Want a dose of oxytocin every time

Oxytocin is a love hormone that creates a bond between two persons, preferably between a mother and a child. In the same way, poodles also get a boost of Oxytocin hormone by spending time with their owner. They strengthen their bond whenever they spend time with their owners. 

5. Way to protect family

Poodles love their family wholeheartedly, so they want to be cuddled when all people they love are within their eyesight. They also feel a little jealous when they see their owners close to someone; that is the reason you might notice the behavior of your poodle cuddling with you more than usual. Sometimes, poodles might cuddle with the owner not because they want to protect you but because they want you to protect them.

6. They might need comfort

Poodles are sensitive dogs that can have anxiety and stress when left alone by their owners for an extended period. They enjoy cuddling with their owners to help soothe their feelings and provide comfort. They feel a sense of security and calmness, and their body releases hormones that help them to relax.

Reasons Your Poodle Doesn’t Want to Cuddle

If your poodle doesn’t want to cuddle with you, there might be something wrong with them, or you might have done something wrong. Here are some potential reasons why your poodle doesn’t want to cuddle.

1. They might be in pain

If your poodle is in pain, it might be a reason they don’t want to be cuddled or touched. They will also show you some signs of pain, like limping and whining. If you discover their pain, it’s good to take them to a veterinarian for a quick check-up.

2. Feeling anxious or stressed

Cuddling helps your poodle to release stress and anxiety. It might be a reason your poodle feels too overwhelmed to be cuddled. They may need time to calm themselves before they are ready again to cuddle with you.

3. Might have a history of abuse

Poodles are sensitive dogs. If your poodle has a history of trauma or abuse, they might not want you to cuddle with them because they fear physical touch. So you have to build their trust by loving them before they feel comfortable cuddling.

4. Love to cuddle according to their own terms

You may find your Poodles love to cuddle but not all the time. If this is familiar to your dog, it’s very common, especially amongst standard poodles. They have a strong sense of independence and a little stubbornness. They only decide to cuddle with you when they want to.

5. The age might be a reason

Your poodle’s age has a significant impact on its cuddling ability. A puppy poodle is nearly too young and hyper and doesn’t have a mature sense to understand the feeling of cuddling. A puppy poodle pulls away from cuddling because they see it as a playing attempt.

6. Have a different personality

Poodles are known as affectionate dogs, but each dog has their own personality. Your poodle may have a different personality, displaying different types of affection, such as roaming around a house or playing with you.

How to Make My Poodle a Cuddler?

Making your poodle a cuddler might take some time and effort, but it will be a rewarding experience for both of you. However, if your poodle has a different nature, it might be difficult for you to make them cuddly, but you can encourage them to indulge in cuddling behavior. Here are some ways to make your poodle a cuddler.

1. Increase physical contact

Some standard poodles don’t want to be in physical contact, but you can change their nature by gently touching and petting them. You can also increase the physical touch by taking more care of them. This will make them feel secure and comfortable around you then you can start cuddling to see how they will react.

2. Create a cozy environment

Try to create a cozy environment with your poodle, like lying down with your poodle on a soft bed or blanket. This act will make them feel secure and safe and likely start cuddling with you.

3. Use soft tones to call them

Speak to your poodle calmly and soothingly whenever you interact with them because they are sensitive to their owner’s tone of voice and body language. You can also sing a song; many dogs respond well to this act and feel more joyful.

4. Give gentle touch

A Young Girl Holding A Brown Poodle In Her Arms.

Try to touch your poodle gently. It will help them feel loved and relaxed. Avoid sudden movements and rough handling. It will make your poodle feel anxious and scared. Once your poodle becomes comfortable, you can gradually increase the pressure of your touch.

5. Give a positive reply

If your poodle often shows the signs of affection, such as coming and sitting on your lap or lying beside you, then try to praise them and give them a treat. This positive reinforcement will encourage them to repeat the behavior and feel more secure around you. 

6. Spend time together

Spending time with your poodle every day is essential for building a solid relationship with your poodle. You can dedicate your time differently, like playing or long walks. It allows you to engage in activities together that are fun and stimulating.

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