Doxiepoo – Dachshund Poodle Mix

Do you love small dog breeds or large dog breeds?

Doxiepoos_ A Look At The Dachshund And Poodle Mix Breed

If you’re someone who loves small breeds, then you’ll love what I have in store for you today. On the contrary, if you’re a large breed lover, keep reading. I’m confident you could be surprised and have a soft spot for a certain crossbreed.

Have you guessed what I’m talking about already?


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Yep, that crossbreed is the Doxiepoo. 

The Doxiepoo is a mixture of the Dachshund and Poodle, and if I do say so myself, it is stunning!

But to really understand this breed, I have to look at the history of its parents.

Parents History


First up is the Daschund. The Dachshund is an ancient breed originating from Germany over 300 years back! If you translated their name into English, it means to hunt (Dasch) badgers (Dog), and they did exactly that. The Daschund has three different types of coat Wirehaired, long and smooth. 

Plus, this little breed is often commonly called a sausage dog due to its long narrow body and comes in two sizes standard and miniature. A standard can grow up to 8-9inch/20-23cm and can weigh up to 16-32Ibs/7.3-14.5kg. Whereas a miniature Daschund can grow up to 5-7inches/ 12cm-17cm and weigh between 8-11Ibs/4-5kg.


Just like the Daschund, the Poodle originated from Germany! This canine was bred to hunt and retrieve waterfowl like ducks and birds. It’s a highly intelligent breed and is renowned for its soft curly coat. It comes in three sizes: the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The Standard can grow up to 45-70cm/17-27inches and weigh between 45-70Ibs/20-31kg. A Miniature can grow up to 28-35cm/11-13 inches and weigh between 15-17Ibs/6-12kg. Finally, a toy can grow up to 24-28cm/9-11 inches.

Now, you know the Doxiepoo’s ancestral background. Are you ready to know about this wonderful hybrid? 

If so, let’s begin. 

What does a dachshund poodle mix look like?

One of the most brilliant things about the Doxiepoo is that this breed’s structure and appearance can be quite unpredictable. After all, its parents have five different sizes! The Doxiepoo can weigh anything between 5-30Ibs / 2kg-13kg and grow up to 8-23inches / 20-58cm, making them a lot smaller than most breeds, which is quite similar to another small doodle originating from the USA – the Poogle.

Depending on what it inherits from its Poodle or Daschund parent can influence its appearance. The Doxiepoo could have long legs like the Poodle or short and sturdy legs like the Daschund. They also may have a long narrow body like the Daschund but also a standard body too.

Both of their parents, though, are renowned for having long and floppy ears; this is one feature that is common across all Doxiepoo’s. Their coat can also be curly and soft like the Poodle or long and straight like the Daschund.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the coat colors of a Doxiepoo; they’re various combinations such as white, grey, black, brown, apricot, and cream.

Doxiepoo - Dachshund Poodle Mix

While the features of a Doxiepoo are diverse, it’s hard to distinguish what they’ll look like and what parent they will take after until they’re older. 

Are they hypoallergenic?

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you might be stuck in the middle when it comes to a Doxiepoo. If the Doxiepoo has a coat like the Poodle, then you’ll be in luck as it sheds very little and might not trigger your allergies.

Whereas if it’s like the Daschund, it can have low to moderate shedding also, may also be classed as hypoallergenic also. But this breed tends to shed more than the Poodle. But, whether a dog is hypoallergenic or not, I can’t guarantee your safety around these animals; your allergies still may set off!

I suggest getting some allergy tests prior to bringing one home or adopt this breed for a few days, so you have an idea if you can live with them.

Doxiepoo grooming requirements 

Just like most dogs, a Doxiepoo’s coat requires regular maintenance to allow it to stay in good condition. As an owner, you should brush their coat daily to make sure it does not get matted and remove any dander that gets trapped in it. 

Regarding clipping, if it takes after the Poodle, you should have their coat clipped every 4-6 weeks. You can either do this yourself or take them to a groomer’s to get their coat clipped professionally. You must make sure it gets clipped because if the Doxiepoos hair gets matted, it can increase their risk of getting skin infections at the root of their hair.

Doxiepoo - Dachshund Poodle Mix

As the Doxiepoo has long and floppy ears, it can cause a lot of sweat, bacteria, moisture, and dirt to build up. Therefore you should check their ears once a week using a cotton ball and a gentle dog-friendly solution that’s approved by your veterinarian. You should also trim their nails when they’re too long; a good sign of this hears their nails clicking on the floor. Plus, you should brush their teeth daily with dog-friendly toothpaste to reduce their risk of periodontal disease.


Just like its varying appearance, the temperament of a Doxiepoo can be quite unpredictable too! Most of the time, this breed is cute, gentle, playful, and loving. This means they’re perfect for anyone who has a family and wants a dog that can easily adapt to children!

Doxiepoos are not a dog to be kept to live outdoors; they should be housed indoors as they have a mischievous nature. Plus, if you leave it for too long unsupervised, it could bark, dig up dirt and cause lots of mess! Basically, this crossbreed loves humans and does not like to be left on its own, even outdoors.

Doxiepoo - Dachshund Poodle Mix

Due to their affinity for humans, they can become easily jealous if you dedicate your attention elsewhere, especially if you have other pets in your home! Therefore they’re better suited to a home with no pets in it already. This means they don’t do well with cats either! However, if you’re willing to try, there have been some cases where Doxiepoo’s have gotten on well with other breeds. They just have to be socialized from an early age!

But, whether you’re trying to socialize or house train a Doxiepoo, be warned they do have a stubborn streak if it takes after the Daschund parent. Therefore it’s recommended you start training a Doxiepoo from as little as 8 weeks old. Otherwise, you will have to be more patient and headstrong to do this once they’re older. However, you could be lucky because if the Doxiepoo inherits the intelligence of a Poodle, then it could be a lot easier to train and responsive to commands.

Nevertheless, you should always train a Doxiepoo as this crossbreed can get extremely anxious very easily. If they are, they’ll tend to bark a lot, chew and dig in the garden. However, all of these traits can be eliminated or kept to a minimum with adequate training from a young age.

Health problems

If you’re thinking of buying a Doxiepoo, you can expect this breed to live on average between 10-15 years. That’s if they’re looked after and fed well. However, their life expectancy can also be impacted by certain health problems such as:

  • Patellar luxation: This is where a Doxiepoo’s kneecap becomes dislocated.
  • Diabetes: When their pancreas produces too much or too little insulin. 
  • Epilepsy: A neuroglial disorder that can trigger seizures. 
  • Cushing’s syndrome: When too much cortisol is produced, causing hair loss, excessive panting, skin infections, and more. 
  • Hip dysplasia: When the ball and hip socket don’t align, causing mobility issues. 
Doxiepoo - Dachshund Poodle Mix

It’s important to know that the health problems mentioned above are common in these crossbreed parents and often inherited. But, just because their parents might have, it does not necessarily mean the Doxiepoo will. To remove this burden and make sure a Doxiepoo is healthy, you should take it to a vet once a year for a yearly checkup. 

Doxiepoo puppy cost

On average, a Doxiepoo should cost around $200 in the USA. However, their price can increase up to $2000 based on the breeder’s reputation, genetics, health problems, and early life training. That’s just the USA, though; the Doxiepoo could be costlier or cheaper depending on where you live in the world. To gain an idea, you should speak to a specialized breeder in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular names for Doxiepoo’s?

The most common names for Doxiepoo’s are Lily, Baily, Emma, Elly, Jet, Turbo, Percy, Webster, Sammy, Riley, Mikey, and Bingo.

Are Doxiepoo’s good with children?

While Doxiepoo’s bark a lot, they are good with children and make great playful companions. Just make sure when they play with your children that you supervise them.

How much exercise does a Doxiepoo need?

Doxiepoos require high to moderate amounts of daily exercise. This means they should have at least two 30 minute walks per day. You should also exercise your mind and play games like tug of war or use a Kong toy.


Doxiepoo’s are an adorable and fun-loving family-friendly crossbreed. In terms of their appearance and personality, they’re often quite unpredictable and can be like either parent. However, they’re not aggressive and love to play with you. 

They don’t do well with other animals in your home and may require an extra effort to socialize. Similarly, this breed can get anxiety very quickly, so they should not be left on their own unsupervised. If they are, they could develop boredom barking, self-destructive chewing, and even dig up your garden!

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