What Is Havapoo – Havanese Poodle Mix

Imagine if a Cuban dog and a French dog had a baby? 

Havapoos_ A Look At The Havanese And Poodle Mix Breed

Well, you don’t need to imagine. There is such a dog known as the Havapoo. This adorable little bundle of fluff is commonly referred to as the Island Mini Doodle, Poovanese, Havadoodle, and the Havanese Poodle mix.

This is a designer breed that has been bred between the Miniature toy Poodle and the Havanese

To understand this beautiful breed fully, we need to look at its parents. First of all, its Poodle parent first came into existence in Germany and then rose to fame in France. 

The purpose of a Poodle was to be a waterfowl dog. It’s then believed later on that the French-bred small poodles to make the Miniature and Toy poodle, to locate truffles in woodland areas and also for stylish purposes.

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On the other hand, the Havanese breed tends to be a lot older; it’s believed that they first came into Cuba in the 1500s. It’s thought that dogs came from the Bichon Frise family, migrated from the Canary Island Tenerife, and came to Cuba with farmers. Then once in Cuba, these dogs developed in Havana and were given the name Havanese.

This designer breed is one of the most difficult to locate when it first started appearing. The only estimate we can indicate is that hybrid breeds first gained popularity in the United States in the last 20-30 years; otherwise, it’s unknown.

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Havapoo Appearance

If you’re a fan of Poodles, hence why you’re probably on this website, you’re most likely curious about what all the crossbreeds look like, and rightly so.

When it comes to a Havapoo, they’re renowned for having a coat similar to either parent. You could get a Havapoo who takes after its Poodle parent and has a curly and frizzy coat. 

Havapoo: Is The Havanese Poodle Mix The Smartest Dog You Will Ever Meet?

Yet you can also get a Havapoo which looks like a Havanese having a smooth and wavy coat. Therefore do not be surprised if you go to a breeder and find Havapoos looking completely different in one litter!

Their head tends to be small and round. Likewise, they have long floppy ears which stop at cheek height. It has distinctive features on its face, like a small black nose, dark brown eyes, and a smooth/shiny face. 

The body of a Havapoo is petite, and it’s rectangular; to match its small body are also little legs. If it takes after its Miniature Poodle parent, this breed will look incredibly cute and like a toy animal. 

Plus, when it comes to their coat color, there are so many options. You can find Havapoos having a black, blue, silver, red, gold, sable, cream, white, champagne, or gold-colored coat. Likewise, it’s also normal for this breed to have markings across their face, feet, and chest.

If you’re more interested in their coat, scroll down a bit further, and we will cover other important topics. 

What is the typical size of a Havapoo?


If you’re looking for a dog that can easily and comfortably fit in an apartment, then you’re in luck. A Havapoo is a small breed no matter what parent it takes after. However, its height and weight can vary slightly depending on its pattern of inheritance. 

To know further, let’s look at its parent’s height and weight. First of all, its Miniature Poodle Parent weight can vary between 10-15 Ibs / 4.5-7 kg and can grow up to 10-15 inches / 25-38 cm. At the same time, the Havanese weight can range between 7-13 lbs / 3-6 kg and can grow up to 11.5 inches / 30cm. 

Looking at both its parents, can you guess what the average size of a Havapoo tends to be?

Well, to save you from guessing, its typical height can vary between 8-15 inches / 20-38 cm and can weigh between 7-30Ibs / 3-13 kg. 

Havapoo temperament

Apart from looks and maintenance, temperament is one of the most important facts for purchasing a dog. Just like our personalities, humans can multiple types and also different preferences.

If you’re looking for an aggressive guard dog that will protect your family and home, then a Havapoo is not for you.

A Havapoo has a trusting nature and absolutely adores affection. Likewise, if you have children, you should not be worried as they will warm to them easily and make a great playmate. 

Moreover, if you’re a first-time dog owner, then a Havapoo will be a great addition as they require little maintenance. They will also stay with you for a long time; they can live up to 12-15 years.

They’re not just good with humans either; if you have pets in your home, they will fit in perfectly. However, if you choose to get one, the best option is to gradually introduce it to your animals.

Most of the time, the Havapoo can inherit its intelligence from the Poodle parent. This means it can become bored quite quickly, and if not entertained, it will become self-destructive. Therefore you will need to make sure it has frequent mental stimulation such as Kong toys or playing games with it.

Plus, this breed is very energetic, which means it needs to be taken out for at least 1 hour per day. Similarly, when they are younger, they may have more energy and must be taken out more.

Even though they’re energetic and friendly towards other humans and animals, Havapoos still require to be socialized from an early age. 

Are Havapoo’s hypoallergenic?

What Is Havapoo - Havanese Poodle Mix

Yes, another important point if you’re a fellow allergy sufferer, you will want a dog that can limit your flare-up of allergies. Well, if you suffer from many, you’re in luck with a Havapoo.

Both of its parents, the Poodle and Havanese, are hypoallergenic, making the Havapoo also hypoallergenic. Generally, Havapoo’s don’t shed, but even though they have little shedding abilities does not mean you should neglect their grooming.

Grooming a Havapoo

You should still brush or comb your Havapoo every week. If you do this, it will keep dirt and mess out of its fur. Plus, it will also get rid of any tats or knots from its fur. When it comes to bathing them, you should use dog shampoo and bathe them once a month.

You don’t want to bathe them any less than once a month as you could strip the Havapoo of any natural oil and lose the shininess to its coat. Ideally, you should wipe around its ears and eyes every couple of weeks to prevent any infections from occurring.

As an owner, you will also need to clip its nails and brush its teeth every day. On top of this, you should take it to the groomers at least twice a year for professional hair trimming and sooner if you don’t feel comfortable with nail clipping.

Health problems they may face

Havapoo Poodle Mix

Because a Havapoo is a designer dog, they can face a few health problems, and if they do, they’re often inherited. The typical problem they can experience are the following:

How much do Havapoo’s cost?

If you’re on a budget and tight on money, then we advise against buying a Havapoo; they don’t come cheap!

Typically this breed can cost anything between $1,000-$3000. 

Anything less than that, you will want to question the breeder and do your research to make sure it does not come from a puppy farm. Similarly, depending where you are located in the world, you might find price may vary, and also, the breeder’s reputation can influence the cost of a Havapoo.

Overall, Havapoos are petite little low-maintenance balls of fluff. They’re perfect dogs for a big or small home and great for first-time dog owners.

Are you looking to buy a dog for the first time? Let us know if the Havapoo has sparked your interest or what other types of dog you are thinking of bringing into your home.