Poodle Breeders in Oregon

Oregon, known for its stunning landscapes that range from vast forests and mountains to rivers and beaches, is also home to some of the most reputable poodle breeders in the West.

This guide aims to introduce potential poodle owners to highly regarded breeders specializing in various types of poodles, from standards to miniatures. Each breeder is committed to the health, temperament, and pedigree of their poodles, ensuring that every puppy is a joy to their new families.

Poodle Breeders In Oregon

Njoy Standard Poodles

Located in Eugene, Njoy Standard Poodles specializes in breeding Standard Poodles with a focus on health, temperament, and beauty. Their poodles are raised in a loving environment, aiming to provide families with well-socialized and healthy companions.

Cascadia Standard Poodles

Cascadia Standard Poodles in Bend is dedicated to the breeding of Standard Poodles, emphasizing genetic health and temperament. They offer puppies that are not only beautiful but also intelligent and well-adjusted.


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Kameo Poodle

Based in Bend, Kameo Poodle breeds Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles. They pride themselves on their ethical breeding practices and the comprehensive care and socialization provided to their puppies.

Moonstone Poodles

Moonstone Poodles, located in Keizer, specializes in Standard and Miniature Poodles. They focus on producing well-rounded puppies through extensive health testing and early socialization practices.

French Standard Poodles

In Bend, French Standard Poodles is known for its dedication to breeding Standard Poodles that excel in both health and temperament, making great pets and show dogs alike.

Mount Zion Kennels

Mount Zion Kennels in Eugene breeds Standard Poodles with a commitment to excellence. Their focus is on raising healthy, well-socialized puppies that can integrate seamlessly into any family.

Cole Acres / Oviatt Farms Standard Poodles

Located in Beavercreek, Cole Acres / Oviatt Farms specializes in Standard Poodles. They are known for their focus on health, temperament, and conforming to breed standards.

Canzone Standard Poodles

Canzone Standard Poodles in Portland is committed to breeding Standard Poodles with great temperaments and health. Their poodles are raised in a nurturing environment to ensure they make ideal family companions.

Rhapsody Standard Poodles

Rhapsody Standard Poodles, located in Linn County, breeds Standard Poodles focusing on health, beauty, and temperament, aiming to provide the perfect family pet.

Kvali Standard Poodles

Kvali Standard Poodles in Burns specializes in breeding Standard Poodles. They are dedicated to the well-being and genetic health of their poodles, ensuring each puppy is a testament to the breed’s qualities.

Heritage Service Dogs

Based in Freewater, Heritage Service Dogs is known for breeding Standard Poodles suitable for service roles. Their focus is on temperament and health, aiming to provide assistance dogs that are reliable and well-behaved.

Hanley Country Canines

Hanley Country Canines in Central Point specializes in Standard Poodles. They emphasize a family-friendly approach to breeding, ensuring each puppy is well-socialized and ready for their forever homes.

Andrea’s Frenchies and Poodles

Located in Lafayette, Andrea’s Frenchies and Poodles specializes in Miniature Poodles. They are committed to raising healthy, well-tempered, and socialized puppies, perfect for any home environment.

Canterland Farm

Canterland Farm in Carlton focuses on Standard Poodles, with a commitment to health and temperament. They ensure their puppies are well-prepared for life with their new families.

Columbia River Sunset Poodles

Columbia River Sunset Poodles in Clatskanie breeds Standard Poodles, known for their stunning beauty and excellent temperaments. Their poodles are raised with love and care, ready to become a beloved part of any family.

Asha Poodles

Asha Poodles in Bend offers both Miniature and Standard Poodles. They focus on breeding for health, temperament, and intelligence, providing well-rounded companions for any poodle lover.

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