Poodle Breeders in Georgia

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Poodle breeders in Georgia. The Peach State is known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and, notably, a passionate community of Poodle breeders.

Whether you’re in search of a Standard, Miniature, or Toy Poodle, Georgia’s breeders are dedicated to raising healthy, well-tempered, and loving companions. Below, you’ll find a curated list of breeders who specialize in various types of Poodles, ensuring you find the perfect new addition to your family.

Poodle Breeders In Georgia

KB Blue Sky Farm

KB Blue Sky Farm in Rockmart prides itself on breeding Standard Poodles with a commitment to health, temperament, and the AKC breed standard. Their Poodles are raised in a loving farm environment, perfect for developing sociable and well-adjusted dogs.

Cullens Classic Poodles

In Dublin, Cullens Classic Poodles breeds Standard Poodles with an emphasis on health, beauty, and temperament. Their puppies are raised as part of the family, ensuring they’re well socialized and ready for their forever homes.


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Myka and Lisa’s Coast to Coast Poodles

Based in Savannah, Myka and Lisa’s Coast to Coast Poodles specialize in Standard Poodles. They focus on producing well-rounded puppies through comprehensive health testing and early socialization practices.

Chattahoochee Kennels

Located in Silver City, Chattahoochee Kennels offers both Miniature and Standard Poodles. They are committed to breeding for quality, health, and temperament, making sure every puppy is a perfect fit for their new family.

Fancy Southern Standards

Fancy Southern Standards in Hampton specializes in Standard Poodles. Their breeding program focuses on producing dogs that are not only beautiful and healthy but also have excellent temperaments and are great with families.

It’s A Poodle Parti!

In Monroe, It’s A Poodle Parti! is known for their Standard Poodles. They emphasize a fun and loving environment for their puppies, focusing on health, socialization, and preparing them for a seamless transition to their new homes.

Ridgewood Standard Poodles

Ridgewood Standard Poodles, located in Coweta County, specializes in Standard Poodles. They pride themselves on their ethical breeding practices and the comprehensive care provided to their dogs, aiming for the best in health and temperament.

Lake Sai Standard Poodles & Frenchies

Lake Sai Standard Poodles & Frenchies in La Fayette offers Standard Poodles known for their health, beauty, and intelligence. They ensure each dog is well-socialized and ready to become a beloved part of any family.

Going Poodles

Going Poodles in Athens specializes in Toy and Miniature Poodles. They focus on small-sized companions with big hearts, raising each puppy with love and care to ensure they’re ready for their forever homes.

Segraves Poodles

Located in Cleveland, Segraves Poodles breeds Toy and Standard Poodles. Their commitment to health, temperament, and socialization is evident in the joyful and friendly nature of their puppies.

Southern Doodles and Poodles

Southern Doodles and Poodles in Douglas County specializes in Standard Poodles. They are dedicated to raising high-quality dogs that excel in health, temperament, and loyalty.

LuJac Poodles

LuJac Poodles in Pitts is known for their Standard Poodles. Their breeding program is focused on producing healthy, well-tempered, and beautiful dogs that can adapt to any loving home.

Graybark Standard Poodles

Graybark Standard Poodles in Waynesboro breeds Standard Poodles with an emphasis on health, temperament, and conforming to breed standards. They offer puppies that are lovingly raised and ready for their new families.


PadfootPoodles in Powder Springs specializes in Standard Poodles. Their focus is on providing well-socialized, healthy, and happy puppies to families, ensuring each one becomes a cherished companion.

DancingCloud Kennels

DancingCloud Kennels in Jonesboro breeds Standard Poodles with a focus on health, temperament, and beauty. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every puppy they raise, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a new poodle family member.

Desmond Bell’s Poodles

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Desmond Bell’s Poodles specializes in Standard Poodles. Known for their focus on health and temperament, Desmond Bell’s Poodles offers beautiful, intelligent companions suited for any Poodle lover.

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