Papillon Poodle Mix – Papipoo Breed Guide

If you’re a small dog lover, then the Papipoo is without a doubt a Doodle you need to know about. This is a hybrid breed produced from a Papillon and Poodle, also known under the names of Papi Poos, Papoodles, Papi Doodles, and Papidoodles.

Papipoos_ A Guide To The Papillon And Poodle Mix

Their carefree and charming nature makes them a Doodle that’s perfect for many types of homes. They’re also a toy breed that can easily be looked after and is ideal for first-time dog owners.

But, what makes them perfect? To know this, keep reading as in this article I’m going to provide you with the information you need to know on this Doodle.


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Little-Known Facts About the Papipoo 📌

To help persuade you into getting a Papipoo, let’s have a look at some cool facts:

  • They can have red eyes!

While most dog breeds typically can have brown or black eyes, the Papipoo is known to have amber-colored ones. If not amber, they will be brown.

  • They have high energy requirements!

Don’t be deceived by this toy doodle; even though they are small in size, they actually have a lot of energy! So much that they’re the ideal dog to play and have fun with.

  • The Papipoo can be mischievous

While the Papipoo is known to inherit the Poodle’s intelligence, they can often display a cheeky side to them. This does not mean they’re naughty; they just like to tease you. There’s never a dull moment with these canines.

What’s the Papipoo Price? 💲

The cost of a Papipoo is often decided based on their age, location, breeder, and lineage. Typically the cost of a Papipoo will vary between $500-$1000 if you’re buying from a breeder. Do note that it might be a bit difficult to get one from a shelter as this is a hybrid and, therefore, might be difficult to find.

Are Papipoos hypoallergenic? 🤧

Papillon Poodle Mix - Papipoo

The Papipoo is a Doodle that is known to have minimal shedding. Like both parents, it’s a single coated breed that sheds very little. Regarding different temperatures, their tolerance is in between, so they don’t shed even moderately. The only thing is that their coat texture might be slightly different based on what it inherits from each parent; therefore, their grooming requirements may vary slightly. To know more about this, keep reading as I’ll discuss grooming later.

Temperament & Intelligence ✨

The Papipoo is a perfect dog for families; they love to be around humans and don’t do well on their own. They’re a hybrid that will typically develop separation anxiety and are also highly sensitive. Therefore you have to be extremely careful about the tone of voice when speaking or training them.

They’re not the type of dog that’s shy or aggressive either; in fact, they’re quite the explorer. The Papipoo loves to be outside, taking part in different exercises and playtimes. If you can’t make a trip outside, they are also happy to play indoors if their needs are met. On the other hand, they do have a mischievous side, which isn’t naughty; they’re more likely just to cause laughter in the house. To curve their playful nature, you might want to provide them with toys to help them play and keep their curious nature at bay.

While the Papillon Poodle mix is not a guard dog or aggressive towards others, they will alert you to strangers with a simple bark.

They actually have a loveable personality as well and will cuddle up to you when they’re not playing.

Are Papipoos Good for Families? 👪

The Papipoo is a fantastic dog to own if you have small children. As they’re not aggressive, do not bite, and hardly ever bark, that makes them a great match for kids.

To ensure this happens, you must socialize these dogs early. You should also pay close attention to when they play with children, as they’re such as small breed they could accidentally injure them or fall on them.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets? 🐈

Regardless of what animal you have in your home, the Papipoo will most likely befriend it. This is a companion dog that thrives off being around humans and other pets too. Its gentle nature and playful charm make it a breed that can bond well with other pets.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

The food you will want to feed a Papi-Poo should be designed to suit a small breed with high energy requirements. It’s important to know that this crossbreed has an above-average risk for becoming overweight therefore, you should avoid free-feeding them at all costs.

To give you a reasonable idea, when they’re fully grown, you should aim to feed them 0.5 to 1 cups a day split across two feedings. Regarding the type of food, though, it’s best to speak to your vet, who can advise you on the best food for its health. It’s more than likely their needs will change from being a puppy to an adult. A vet will also consider any health issues and weight, providing you with a well-informed recommendation.

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Papipoos Full-grown sizes 📏

The Papipoo is part of the smallest classification of dogs that falls into the dog category. They’re so small they can only grow up to around 11 inches/ 28cm in height and weigh between 6-14lbs/3-7kg when fully grown.

Life expectancy 📈

If looked after well and fed a good diet, the Papipoo has a 10-14 years life expectancy.

Exercise & Training 🏃

As the Papipoo is a toy breed, they can easily meet their exercise quota indoors or outdoors. On average, they require around 30 minutes of exercise each day. Therefore if you live in an apartment are quite a busy person, this is perfectly achievable indoors.

Papillon Poodle Mix - Papipoo

But, if you choose to do this inside, be warned they may run around your home, jump on furniture and play with toys. But, while they are suited to indoor environments, you mustn’t confine them to just a few rooms. After all, they have an exploratory nature and deserve to be taken outdoors.

When taken outdoors, a 30 minute walk should suffice to exhaust them for a nap time. If you have a yard, though, you should observe their playtime. As they’re so small, they could be vulnerable to other predators on land and in the air. Moreover, if you’re outside of your home for a long time, make sure the Papipoo has puzzles to prevent them and distract them from chewing on your furniture.

Training a Papipoo should be a breeze, that is if you’re consistent with their training while they’re young.

Their intelligence paired with the strong desire to please, can make their training faster than other typical Doodles.

To ensure their training is conducted quickly, you will want to provide them with positive reinforcement. It would help if you refrained from using harsh methods as this breed is highly sensitive and can easily get discouraged.

Papipoo Grooming ✂️

Papillon Poodle Mix - Papipoo

While this breed may shed minimally, this dog requires a lot of grooming. To prevent their fur from becoming tangled and matted, you should aim to brush them 3-4 times a week. Doing this will also help for even allocation of natural oils in between their fur. You’ll also want to bathe them to stop their coat from getting dirty from time to time. You may also want to brush their teeth at least 2-3 times a week to reduce their risk of gum disease and maintain proper oral health.

Health and Conditions 🩺

Most of the time, a Papipoo is quite a healthy dog. Any health problems it may face will be inherited from either the Poodle or Papillon. The type of health problems it could experience are the following:

  • Addison’s disease
  • Bloat
  • Seizures
  • Obesity
  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye diseases

Male vs. Female ⚥

Regarding the two sexes of a Papipoo, there are only subtle differences. Some owners report that males are more playful and affectionate. In contrast, females are more independent with a slight stubborn streak. It’s not guaranteed that a Papipoo puppy will develop these traits, though; after all, it’s impossible to predict their temperament.

Conclusion ✔️

To summarize, the Papipoo is a nonaggressive toy dog that can do well in any environment. In terms of exercise, it does not need much, around 30 minutes a day on average. Their exercise needs can be met indoors and outdoors, but you should switch them up to prevent boredom.

They’re generally quite a healthy hybrid with little inherited health problems and low shedders. Therefore making them an excellent dog for people who have allergies and are clean freaks. However, if you’re the type of person who’s regularly away from your home, then this Doodle may not be for you as it constantly requires human company.

💭 Would this Doodle fit your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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