What Is Pomapoo – Pomeranian Poodle Mix

If you like small and cute dogs, you will love the small Poodle breed, the Pomeranian Poodle, aka Pomapoo. This dog got its name the Pomeranian poodle/Pomapoo due to where it originated from.

Pomapoos_ A Look At The Pomeranian And Poodle Mix Breed

The beautiful breed originates from the northeast of Germany and the north-west of Poland, known as Pomerania. Plus, it’s been a favorite of many British royal family members, dating back to the 17th century!

Back in 1767, Queen Charlotte and King George III took two Pomeranians across to the U.K. Then again, in the 18th century, Queen Victoria loved them, owning up to 35 Pomeranians in the royal kennels! Other famous figures, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Marie Antoinette, and Emile Zola, also owned pet Pomeranians.

What Will You Learn? 👇

Pomapoo is a mix of what?

We know your mind must be going crazy by now trying to figure out what breed a Pomapoo is! The truth is that a Pomapoo is a hybrid breed, i.e., a cross between a Pomeranian and Toy Poodle. 

These breeds can also be known as a Pomeroodle, Pompoo, or a Poorian. Most of the time, this breed is a split 50/50 of the two breeds; however, at times, they can inherit more characteristics from one breed than the other. 

Nowadays, you will come across many breeders who strive to save its genetic variation by stopping dog breeding after the first go. Therefore, causing a lot of Pompaoo’s that exist today to be known as first-generation mixes. Sometimes though, first-generation mixes features can be uncertain, and it’s better to get second generations for their more distinctive looks.

What does a Pomapoo dog look like?

Pomapoo - What to know about the Pomeranian Poodle Mix

If you’re searching for the perfect Pomapoo, then you will be spoilt for choice. This breed comes in various colors from black, white, brown, tan, and mixed. Due to its parents, the coat a Pompapoo has is soft and fluffy. 

It also has a double coat, which is dense underneath and harsh on the outside. Most of the time, a Pompapoo will have a coat that consists of short to medium hair. The hair you find will either be straight or fuzzy. 

Their tails are often straight and held up high. Similarly, they have button noses and a wedge or long-shaped head. 

What Is Pomapoo - Pomeranian Poodle Mix

Another doodle breed originating from the USA and similar in size and temper is the Rattle, a Rat Terrier Poodle mix, as well as the Shih-Poo or the Pooton, so go ahead and discover what’re they all about.

Do they shed?

Pomapoos shed, but very lightly, that’s if they inherit more from their Poodle parent. As Poodles are also light shedders, Pompaoo’s are often the same and only require light brushing to remove any excess hair. On the contrary, a Pomeranian sheds heavily and requires to be brushed regularly.

If by any chance, your Pomapoo inherits more characteristics from its Pomeranian parent, then it will need regular grooming. When we say regular, we mean daily grooming to stop the hair from getting tangled or matting. If you discover your Pomapoos hair to become matted, you will need to shave your dog’sdogs’ hair down to the skin.

What Is Pomapoo - Pomeranian Poodle Mix

Similarly, if you don’t have the time to groom your Pomapoo or brush its hair often, you may want to take it to the groomers and get it cut to a short trim. You will need to do this every 4-6 weeks to limit the shedding of your Pomapoo.

 In addition to this, their ears should be checked once a week and cleaned. Similarly, Pomapoos can be prone to developing tear ducts below their eyes, so you must wipe them regularly.

Are Pomapoos hypoallergenic?

When you are thinking about purchasing a Pomapoo, you can’t be 100% sure if they will be hypoallergenic or not. Sometimes, this breed can easily be marketed as hypoallergenic. The truth is, a Pomapoo can’t be truly hypoallergenic; they just have hypoallergenic qualities. Similarly, it also depends on the person who owns the Pompaoo if they have any allergies.

The truth is, dog owners who have allergies from a dog are not because of the dog’s breed; it’s because of the hair and dander created by the dog. Therefore, if you experience an allergic reaction to a Pomapoo, it may be because they lightly shed hair. 

What Is Pomapoo - Pomeranian Poodle Mix

On the contrary, if you have children or toddlers in the home and want to own a Pomapoo, be careful. The light hair of the Pomapoo could trigger asthma if the dog hair gets into the child’s lungs. Therefore, groom your Pomapoo and clean your house regularly. 

Are they easy to train?

Due to one half of a Pomapoo’s genetics coming from a Poodle, they’re often great to train. Just like their parents, Pomapoos are known to be intelligent and responsive. 

In addition to this, they’re quick learners, and it’s best to start training them from an early age. One of the essential parts of training to conduct while a Pomapoo is a puppy is socialization. 

What Is Pomapoo - Pomeranian Poodle Mix

These dogs are not that friendly towards young children, and if not socialized, they could become hostile. If they are socialized, then they will adore and play well with young and older children.

The best type of training for a Pomapoo is through positive reinforcement. Here you will give the Pomapoo a treat once they’ve done a good action. You can begin this training from as early as 8 weeks old. 

If you leave the training too late, you will find the dog could become too dominant and headstrong. Therefore it’s good to commence the training as young as possible and establish a regular training routine.

What should my Pomapoo weigh?

Because of their small parents, you will typically find a Pomapoo to be small in size. Their height can vary from 8-10 inches in size and weigh from 5-15 pounds. Don’t be surprised, though, if your Pomapoo is larger, especially if it’s a male, as these tend to be bigger than females. 

Do note – their weight can also be dependent on how much exercise it gets and the diet you feed your Pomapoo. Therefore it’s up to you as the dog owner to make sure your dog weighs correctly according to its age. 

If you’re looking for a Pomapoo and discover its weight is slightly out of the above stated range, speak to its breeder. They will be able to give you a good idea about its parents and their weight/inheritance.

How long do Pomeranian poodles live?

On average, most Pomapoos live for around 10-15 years, that’s if you feed them well. Sometimes, Pomeranian poodles can go on to live longer past 16 years! Sometimes, females can outlive a male Pomapoo by 1.2 years longer.

Again, it depends on their parents, so to get a better idea, we suggest speaking to a local breeder. When you speak to a local breeder, ask about its upbringing and if it’s been exposed to certain conditions. 

As sometimes, when young puppies can be exposed to diseases decreasing their life expectancy. Because of this, we recommend asking the breeder for a full health screening of the Pomeranian before buying.

What health problems do they have?

Most of the time, Pomeranian poodles/Pomapoos are very healthy animals. Just like all dogs, however, they can be prone to some health problems, such as:

How much is a Pomeranian poodle puppy?

If you’re looking to purchase a Pomeranian poodle puppy, then be warned they’re not the cheapest of breeds. On average, a Pomeranian poodle puppy can cost between $500-$2000. Most of the time, the price tends to be higher if the breeder can provide its entire medical records and proof (DNA tests) of its heritage.

Final Thoughts

Pomapoos are a small breed that can live up to 15 years! Because of their parents being a Toy poodle and a Pomeranian, it can be highly intelligent and expensive. On average, you could expect to pay anything from $500-$2000 for them (depending on the breeder).

They are light shedders but need to be groomed regularly, and their ears checked and cleaned once a week. Generally, they aren’t hypoallergenic; however, if you have children, we recommended taking good care and groom well, so they don’t inhale their dander. Plus, you must train them from an early age and socialize them with other humans and dogs.

Generally, this breed does not tend to go well with younger children unless trained; they love young and older kids once they do. Once you’ve trained them well, they will become a companion for life and a perfect addition to the family.

Do you have or want to own a Pomapoo? Drop any questions you have below, and we will try to answer them as best as possible.