Poodle Breeders in Colorado

Colorado, with its diverse geography ranging from alpine mountains, arid plains and deserts with huge sand dunes, deep canyons, sandstone and granite rock formations, rivers, lakes, and lush forests, is home to a vibrant community of poodle breeders.

This article provides an overview of reputable poodle breeders across the state, known for their commitment to the health, well-being, and pedigree of their poodles. Whether you’re seeking a standard, miniature, or toy poodle, these breeders are dedicated to raising high-quality dogs in loving environments.

Poodle Breeders In Colorado

C & S Kennels Standard Poodles

Located in Bennett, C & S Kennels focuses on breeding Standard Poodles. Known for their dedication to the health and temperament of their dogs, C & S Kennels ensures that all puppies are raised in a family-friendly environment, making them a great choice for anyone looking to add a Standard Poodle to their home.

OMG Poodles

OMG Poodles, based in Manassa, specializes in Standard Poodles. They prioritize the genetic health, temperament, and conformity to breed standards in their breeding program. Their poodles are raised with love and care, ensuring they make wonderful pets and companions.


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Columbine State Poodle Club

The Columbine State Poodle Club in Aurora offers Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles. This breeder club is renowned for its comprehensive approach to breeding, focusing on the health, behavior, and training of their poodles. They provide a supportive community for both novice and experienced poodle owners.

High Mesa Standards

High Mesa Standards in Olathe is dedicated to breeding Standard Poodles. They focus on health testing and socialization from an early age to ensure their puppies are well-adjusted and healthy for their forever homes. Their poodles are known for their excellent temperaments and stunning appearances.

Denver Poodle

Denver Poodle, located in Parker, specializes in Toy Poodles. They are committed to raising their poodles in a loving home environment, focusing on health, temperament, and socialization. Denver Poodle’s toy poodles are perfect for those looking for a smaller companion that packs a lot of personality.

Fireside Standard Poodles

In Littleton, Fireside Standard Poodles breeds Standard Poodles known for their intelligence, temperament, and beauty. They ensure each dog receives individual attention and care, making their poodles well-socialized and ready for any family setting.

Summit Standard Poodles

Summit Standard Poodles, located in Elbert, breeds Standard Poodles with a focus on health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of their dogs, making them a popular choice among poodle enthusiasts.

Harmony Miniature Poodles

Harmony Miniature Poodles in Arvada specializes in Miniature Poodles. They pride themselves on their ethical breeding practices and the comprehensive care provided to their dogs. Harmony Miniature Poodles offers well-socialized puppies perfect for family life.

Los Arteagas Collies & Standard Poodles

Based in Evans, Los Arteagas Collies & Standard Poodles is known for their Standard Poodles. They blend passion and expertise in their breeding program, ensuring each dog is healthy, happy, and ready to become a loving addition to their new home.

Dreamweaver Puppies

Dreamweaver Puppies in Sanford specializes in Standard Poodles. Their breeding program is focused on health and temperament, with a commitment to raising dogs that fit seamlessly into any home. Dreamweaver Puppies provides a solid foundation for every puppy they raise.

Strut Your Stuff Standard Poodles

Located in Carr, Strut Your Stuff Standard Poodles prides itself on producing Standard Poodles of exceptional health, temperament, and beauty. They offer a supportive environment for their puppies from birth until they join their new families, ensuring a smooth transition.

Waggin Tails Poodles

Waggin Tails Poodles in Calhan focuses on Standard Poodles. With a commitment to health, temperament, and socialization, their poodles are raised to excel in both family and competitive settings. Waggin Tails Poodles ensures each puppy is a joy to their new owners.

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