Great Danoodle – Great Dane Poodle Mix

Do you know of the iconic children’s tv series known as Scooby-Doo?

Great Danoodles_ A Guide To The Great Dane And Poodle Mix

If so, then you must be familiar with the gorgeous Great Dane – Scooby. If not, go and watch it today, either the cartoon or realistic version; I assure you you’ll be in for a treat.

Just like the fiction films, Great Danes are a stunning dog breed and a tall one too. But could you imagine what it would be like to add an extra layer of cuteness to the Great Dane?


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Well, there’s no need to imagine this dog has been bred with the almighty Poodle.

This crossbreed is known as the Great Doodle! 

You may have also heard of it before as it also goes by the names of Danedoodle, Great Danepoo, and Danepoo.

Now looking at these two iconic breeds, I know that your brain is probably working overtime to imagine what the Great Dandoodle is like.

Don’t worry; today, we’re going to ease your thinking and provide you with some unique tidbits about this captivating creature.

What does a great dane poodle mix look like?

Before I delve right into the appearance, let’s first look at the structure of the Great Doodle. If you’re looking for a large dog, then you will be in luck with this crossbreed; while it’s not as giant as its Great Dane parent, it’s still some size. This dog can grow up to 30-40inches / 76.2-101.6cm tall. Plus, it can weigh between 100-130 Ibs / 45-59 kg. 

That’s some size, right?

Given their sizes, it’s also difficult to estimate when a Great Dane Poodle puppy will become an adult. Its Great Dane adult reaches maturity at 3 years, and the Poodle reaches maturity after a year. I know that’s quite a difference; therefore, I recommend speaking to a breeder for knowledge about their size.

📢 Another gentle giant similar to this doodle is the Mastidoodle, the Pooghan & the Whipoodle so make sure you discover them as well.

Regarding their size, the Great Danoodle can live in various living spaces, but due to their size, I recommend only bringing one into your life if you have a large home with plenty of space to run around.

Another feature it inherits is the same type of rectangular head like the Great Dane, tapered muzzle, brown eyes, and the Poodle’s distinct floppy ears. 

Alongside this gentle giants structure, there are more unique qualities than might just influence you to bring one home. The Great Dane Poodle mix also has many different coat color combinations. This breed can often be seen to have either a black, white, blue, fawn, cream, gray, red, silver and brindle coat. Sometimes their coat may have markings on or a black mask. 

When it comes to their coat texture, they tend to take after the Poodle parent. The Great Dane Poodle mix has a coat that can either be short, medium, or in between those two lengths. Plus, their coat can vary from wavy to curly.

Yes, I know, that’s a lot of choice for you as a dog owner! 

Are they hypoallergenic?

Given that I just told you about the variation of the Great Danoodles coat, alarm bells may be ringing in your mind to know if they shed or not. Well, it’s an interesting topic.

First of all, its Great Dane parent sheds a lot and is not hypoallergenic. In contrast, the Poodle is hypoallergenic and does shed but not that much. So now you have a bit of insight into its parent’s coats, where does the Great Danoodle stand?

Great Danoodle - Great Dane Poodle Mix

Well, the Great Doodle is not fully hypoallergenic, which I’m afraid to say is bad news for you allergy sufferers. If it inherits its Poodle parents smooth long curly coat, then it most likely will not shed too much. But, it could shed a lot more if it takes after is Great Dane parent.

This breed generally tends to shed in moderate amounts throughout the year, and I wouldn’t recommend you bring one into your home if you easily suffer from allergies. 

Grooming a Great Doodle

To keep the amount of shedding a Great Danoodle undergoes to a minimum, I’d recommend you brush this crossbreeds coat at least once a week. If it has a short coat, this will help maintain its shine and also remove any tangles and dirt from its longer curly coat.

A Great Danoodle should also be bathed once a month to ensure their coat is kept clean. Their floppy ears can also cause a lot of dirt to collect in the hair surrounding them and put them at greater risk of developing red, itchy, and bad smelling ears. Therefore you should also check their ears regularly and trim the hair around them if needed.

Their nails should be clipped once a month by yourself or a professional groomer. Plus, they should have their teeth brushed once a day and their paws checked frequently for any dirt.


If you have children or other adults in your home, then you’ll be in luck with a Great Doodle, as this dog loves to show everyone affection. While its size might be intimidating, don’t be deceived; this canine loves a good cuddle!

But don’t just expect that proper socialization from an early age is a must so the Great Doodle can be affectionate. The downside to their love and devotion for you is that they can easily suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore I would advise against leaving this crossbreed at home for long periods, as it could become self-destructive and bored. That’s the last thing you want.

Another great personality trait of this breed is its intelligent nature. Its Poodle and Great Dane parents are both highly intelligent animals, and that certainly also the case for the Great Doodle. 

Due to their intelligent spark, they’re an easy-to-train breed, and as long as you begin from an early age, they should be house trained and socialized in no time. 

You can expect a calm and quiet personality from this crossbreed, but that can suddenly change if strangers are around. A Great Doodle is a great guard dog and will bark to let you know if anything strange is happening or if there’s anyone new coming into your house. This bark is often a loud bark to make everyone alert.

Great Danoodle - Great Dane Poodle Mix

Similarly, a female Great Danoodle tends to develop stronger bonds with their owner but is more likely to get separation anxiety. They can become irritable quite easily and are often more independent out of the two genders.

A male is often more sociable and has a consistent temperament. But, they are often the more difficult sex to train.

Health problems of a Great Doodle

On average, a Great Danoodle can have a lifespan of 8-10 years. In comparison to other doodle breeds, this is quite a small life expectancy, and the reason it’s so short is often because of its large size. 

However, it can be made longer if looked after well and shortened due to the following health problems:

  • Blood (GDV): Due to the Great Danoodles deep and narrow chest, their stomach can often bloat. This condition causes their stomach to fill up with gas, food, or fluid and causing a lot of pain. Typical signs are their stomach expanding and them panting and retching.
  • Hip dysplasia: This is where their hip and ball socket joint does not align, causing them to grind against each other. Here a Great Danoodle can suffer from a lot of pain and mobility issues.
  • Patellar luxation: When their kneecap dislocates, causing mobility difficulties to their limbs and can lead to paralysis. 
  • Epilepsy: A neurological condition of their brain, causing seizures.
  • Von Willebrand’s disease: This is where their blood can clot easily and experience excessive bleeding when injured. Plus, lots of blood can appear from their gums and nose; they can bleed internally and also in their urine.
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy: When their cardiac muscle becomes weak, and they have poor blood circulation, and blood can leak out from their heart chambers. This can cause abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure.
Great Danoodle - Great Dane Poodle Mix

If you own a Great Danoodle or thinking about owning one, then I recommend taking it to a vet for routine health checkups. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Great danoodle puppy cost

If you live in the USA, be prepared to pay anything between $800-$1500 for a Great Doodle Puppy. Also, be careful if the puppy costs anything less than that; if it does, its parents may not be a Pedigree. I also advise you to check with the breeder and see the papers of its parents also. Do note that this price may change based on the part of the world you live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Blue Great Doodle cost?

This is often a more rare colored coat, and they can cost between $800-$1500.

Are Great Danoodles aggressive?

No Great Danoodles are not aggressive, they have a friendly and gentle nature, but they must be socialized from a young age.

Will a Great Danoodle get on well with other animals?

As long as they’re socialized, they tend to respond to other animals well. But, due to their hunting nature, they may run and chase small breeds from time to time.


The Great Doodle is a charming, polite, and family-orientated doodle. It loves to show affection and have lots of playtimes. This is why you should only bring one into your life if you have a large home.

If you suffer from lots of allergies, then this breed might not be for you as it’s not hypoallergenic. On the other hand, if you can manage them, you will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of colors. Plus, the maintenance is not as much as some other breeds.

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