Irish Wolfoodle: Irish Wolfhound Mix With Poodle

The Irish Wolfoodle is a loving, smart cross between the noble Irish Wolfhound and the smart Standard Poodle. People like these hybrids because they are friendly and sometimes lazy, which makes them great pets for people who like to live quietly.

Irish Wolfoodles_ A Look At The Irish Wolfhound And Poodle Mix Breed

Little-Known Facts About the Irish Woolfdoodle

Here are some interesting tidbits of information that might be useful to know if you want to buy a Woolfdoodle:

  • They’re not always white

When you look up a Woolfdoodle online or ask around about them, the most common coat color that will be displayed is white. However, white isn’t their only coat color as it comes in black, red, silver, brindle, and cream.


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  • Recognized by two major designer breed clubs

While the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize them, the Irish Woolfoodle is recognized by the Designer Breed Registry and International Designer Canine Registry.

  • The Irish Wolf Doodle can have different types of eyes

The Irish Wolfdoodle can come in three types of eye colors: black, brown, amber, or pumpkin-colored. Their eyes are almond-shaped and look similar to a wolf’s eyes.

What’s the Irish Wolfoodle Price?

Compared to other Doodles, the cost of an Irish Wolfdoodle is not that expensive to own. In fact, they can cost on average of $300-$2,000 all, depending on whether you purchase them from a breeder or adopt them. It’s important to know that this is just a baseline price, you can’t always guarantee that they will cost this amount, like your location, size, age, health conditions, and more can affect the price of the dog.

Are Irish Wolfoodles hypoallergenic?

Most of the time, if the Irish Woolfoodle inherits more of its Poodle parent’s coat, it will turn into a close to hypoallergenic breed. However, if it takes after the Irish Wolfhound, then this dog will shed heavily all year round. Because of this, it will require their coat to be brushed at least once a week.

Temperament & Intelligence

The Irish Wolfdoodle is a brilliant dog to own, as they are full of love. They’re not an aggressive Doodle to have either; however, you should be wary of leaving them around small kids in your home. Sometimes they have an innate tendency to hunt and dig; therefore, they’re best kept for homes with a yard.

Their temperament can also be difficult to predict around strangers, as this breed can either be shy or friendly. Some people might get intimidated by the size of an Irish Wolfoodle, but never worry because they don’t have any aggressive bones in their body.

đź’ˇ Other similar large and companion doodle breeds, similar to the Irish Wolfoodle, is the Vizsladoodle, The Shepadoodle & The Sammypoo so make sure you check them out as well.

Are Irish Wolfoodles Good for Families?

The Irish Wolfhound poodle mix is a doodle that gets on well with many family members, as long as they’re socialized from a young age. Whether you have kids or older adults, this dog will bond with your family members closely. 

Irish Wolfoodle Irish Wolfhound Mix With Poodle
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Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

This dog gets on well with other pets as long as you socialize them early and conduct necessary obedience training.

Food & Diet Requirements

The Irish Wolfdoodle should be fed high-quality dog food that complements its nutritional intake based on its weight, age, activity level, and health conditions. Ideally, you should feed a fully grown Irish Wolf Doodle 2-3 small meals across the day instead of free feeding from your hand.

Simply by ensuring their meals are well shared out, it will reduce their likelihood of overeating. This breed can sometimes get a condition known as megaesophagus, making feeding a bit more challenging. This condition can sometimes trigger chronic vomiting, so you must feed this Doodle calorie-dense food from a raised bowl to allow food to move down their stomach more easily.

Irish Wolfoodle Full-grown sizes

The sizes of this Doodle can slightly vary based on their gender. A female Irish Woloodle can grow up to 16-33 inches/41-84cm and weigh between 70-105lbs/32-48kg. In contrast, a male can grow up to 16-33 inches/41-84cm and weigh between 70-120lbs/32-55kg.

Irish Wolfoodle Irish Wolfhound Mix With Poodle
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Life expectancy

On average, this large breed can live between 8-12 years if looked after well.


On average, this dog should have around 75 minutes of exercise per day. You should never be deceived by its large size either, as this dog will be happy with just being taken on a walk to meet its exercise needs. Sometimes they might inherit the Poodle’s playful nature, so you might want to switch their exercise from agility activities to throwing a frisbee.


To ensure that this dog is well socialized and behaved, you will want to start training them from a young age. As it has both intelligent parents, this dog will tend to learn commands and training quite easily. However, sometimes they might be a bit too laid back if they inherit the personality from the Wolfhound, making them a bit tougher to train. The best way to do it is to start from young, be consistent, and use positive reinforcement/a rewards-based approach.

Irish Wolfoodle Grooming

You should brush the Irish Wolfoodle 2-3 times a week and take them to a professional groomer every 2-3 months for proper coat maintenance. Also, as this dog has floppy ears, you should inspect them each week and clean them. You must do this, so dirt and debris don’t get trapped inside, causing a bacterial infection.

Irish Wolfoodle Irish Wolfhound Mix With Poodle
Source: IG

Health and Conditions

If the Irish Wolfoodle is to face any health problems, it’s most likely inherited from their Poodle or Irish Wolfhound parent. It’s not guaranteed, but if they do, they will inherit the following:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Megaesophagus
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Von Willebrands disease
  • Addison’s disease

It’s not always likely that this dog will get these problems, but you should take them for regular checkups at the vet to rule them out.


Overall the Irish Wolfhound Poodle mix is a dog that is perfect for families and those with pets in their homes. They’re generally a healthy breed and one that isn’t that high maintenance easier when it comes to exercise. The Irish Woolfoodle is quite a laid-back breed, and their energy requirements can be met through a walk. Similarly, they are quite easy to train due to both their parents being quite intelligent.

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