Vizsladoodle: Vizsla Poodle Mix

If you want to catch a lot of attention and be different from the typical dog owner, you might be interested in a Vizsla Poodle mix. As its name suggests, this is a rare designer breed produced from the Vizsla and Poodle.

Vizsladoodles_ A Look At The Vizsla And Poodle Mix Breed

As its parents have completely contrasting characteristics, many people may feel that this dog might not be good to own. On the contrary, it’s quite the ideal pet to have if you have an active lifestyle and a big home.

The Vizsladoodle tends to inherit the appearance of a Poodle and traits of a Vizsla, making them a dog that’s not boring to own. They’re also incredibly friendly, fun, and have brilliant personalities. But, these are just a few small reasons why the Vizsla Poodle mix is so great. To know more, keep on reading.

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Little-Known Facts About the Vizsladoodle

If you’re thinking about buying a Vizsladoodle, here are some interesting facts you should know:

You have a coat color with many options with a Vizsla Doodle. Typically, they have grey, brown, and black colorations alongside markings on their head. Some of these dogs can have white patches inherited from their Poodle parents.

Unlike some Doodles, the Vizsladoodle can be bred with either the Standard, Miniature, or Toy.

These dogs thrive off human company, loving both adults and kids. They don’t do well being left on their own for a long time and can develop separation anxiety easily.

What’s the Vizsladoodle Price?

On average, the cost of a Vizsladoodle can start at $1,000 upwards, all based on where you’re located, the reputation of the breeder, and their parents. 

Vizsladoodle Vizsla Poodle Mix
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Are Vizsladoodles hypoallergenic?

Regarding this hybrid, both their Poodle parent and Vizsla parent have a single coat; one is short and silky, and the other is curly. While they don’t shed that much, the Vizsla Poodle can often shed very infrequently. Therefore they’re still good dogs to own if you have allergies; you just have to be attentive to their grooming needs.

Temperament & Intelligence

The Vizsladoodle is a dog with a brilliant personality. If you plan on getting a Vizsladoodle, you’ll be quite lucky as both of its parents are highly intelligent dogs, making them an equally smart hybrid. Due to their intelligent nature, they’re a dog that can be trained easily and have a lot of fun.

They’re not dogs that like to keep still, though; they love to play and use their energy. Sometimes this dog can inherit some frustrating traits from its poodle parent, such as barking or making annoying sounds to get your attention.

💡 Other similar large and companion doodle breeds, similar to the Vizsladoodle, is the Irish Wolfoodle, The Shepadoodle & The Sammypoo so make sure you check them out as well.

Are Vizsladoodles Good for Families?

The Vizsladoodle is a fantastic dog for families. This hybrid loves to be around humans and is highly social. As long as you socialize with them from an early age, they will be fantastic family members, even around kids, as they have a calm temperament.

Vizsladoodle Vizsla Poodle Mix
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This is also a dog breed that does best when many people are around, as they thrive off attention. Even if you have young children who mishandle the Vizaldoodle by accident, like tugging on its ears, they will rarely be aggressive towards them.

Do Vizsladoodles Get Along With Other Pets?

If socialized, this dog breed can easily get along well with other animals in your home.

Food & Diet Requirements

It’s difficult to state the best food to feed a Vizsla Poodle mix, as this hybrid is quite rare. Therefore it’s always best you speak to a veterinarian. A vet will be able to advise you accordingly on the right diet to eat and how to balance it taking in their parent’s breeds, age, health conditions, weight, and more. When buying foods, try to avoid purchasing cheap or unbranded foods. Ideally, you should aim to purchase a diet high in protein, full of nutrients, and no filler ingredients.

Full-grown sizes

While the Vizsla Poodle can be bred with any Poodle, they are a medium-sized breed most of the time. They can grow up to 20-24inches/51-61cm and weigh between 45-70lbs/21-32kg.

Vizsladoodle Life expectancy

If looked after well, fed a healthy diet, and exercised, this dog can live up to 12-14 years.


Vizsladoodle Vizsla Poodle Mix
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Like its parents, you should aim to take this dog out for exercise for at least an hour a day. They’re quite active dogs and are best suited to homes with a backyard, so they can use up their excess energy. They can also use up their energy inside, as long as you have enough space.


This hybrid is easy to train as long as you train them from an early age and provide positive reinforcement.


Often, the Vizsla poodle mix tends to inherit the smooth, sleek coat the Vizsla has, making them low maintenance and shedding dog. At most, you might need to clip their hair each month to ensure their coat stays short. You should try and brush their hair daily to ensure no strands fall out around your house. Also, a Vizsla Poodle mixes ears should be checked each week to ensure no excessive build-upbuild-up of wax.

Health Conditions

Most of the time, the Vizsladoodle is a healthy dog; if it does get any health problems, it’s likely they’ve inherited it from its parents. The health conditions it could inherit are the following:

To ensure that a Vizsladoodle has no health problems, you’ll want to take it to the vets a couple of times a year for checkups.


Overall, a Vizsladoodle is a loving and affectionate designer dog breed that is perfect for families. They’re quite a highly active dog that requires exercise for at least 60 minutes a day. The Vizsla Poodle mix is quite a versatile breed too. It can live in apartments or homes as long as they have a lot of space to run around in. In addition to this, they’re quite intelligent dogs which makes them easy to train and integrate into any household.

What are your thoughts about owning a Vizsladoodle? Let us know in the comments below.