Piny Poo: Miniature Pinscher Poodle Mix

When thinking about Doodles, the Piny Poo is probably not the first Doodle that springs to your mind. This small to medium-sized breed is the offspring of a Miniature Pinscher and a Miniature or Toy Poodle.

Piny Poos_ A Guide To The Miniature Pinscher And Poodle Mix

Its size makes it a perfect breed to own if you live in an apartment or any home. Don’t be deceived too much by their size; they are also a perfect guard dog notifying you if you have any unwanted people or strangers coming to your home.

While they do have watchdog tendencies, they are also playful and good with children. Therefore making them quite the universal Doodle to own. You’re also spoilt for choice by this hybrid, as it comes in over 15 coat colors! However, more coat colors, sweet nature, and size make them a terrific breed to own. To know more, keep on reading as we will cover all the essentials in this article.

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Little-Known Facts About the Piny Poo

Here are some unique insights into the Miniature Pinscher Poodle mix that might help persuade you to buy or adopt them:

The Piny Poo is actually just one name this hybrid is known under. The other names it can be called are the Pinny doodle, Miniature Pinscherpoo, Min Pin Doodle, Min Pin Poo, and the Miniature Pinscher Poodle. That’s a mouthful!

Children aren’t the only thing that the Miniature Pinscher Poodle Poodle mix; they’re known to love playing with leaves!

Even though they’re not registered or recognized by the American Kennel Club, they are a member of the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), Dog Registry of America (DRA), Designer Dog Kennel Club (DDKC), American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR).

What’s the Piny Poo Price?

On average, the cost of this designer dog can vary between $200-and $650 in the USA. However, other factors such as your location, breeder’s reputation, lineage, and more can influence the price. When buying a Piny Poo, you should also consider extra expenses like their bedding, medical bills, crate, food, vaccination costs, and more. All of this could easily add up to an additional $700-$950.

💡 Other similar small and designer doodle breeds, similar to the Piny Poo, are the Lhasapoo, Cavapoo & The Mini Labradoodle, so make sure you check them out as well.

Are Piny Poos hypoallergenic?

A Pinny Poo is not fully hypoallergenic as it does shed intermittently. However, it should not be a major problem and won’t trigger many allergies unless yours are really sensitive. Its coat can also vary depending on what it inherits; however, it’s a non-hypoallergenic breed most of the time.

Temperament & Intelligence

If you’re looking for an intelligent Doodle to which you can teach cool new tricks, then the Piny Poo is great. This hybrid inherits the Poodle’s intelligence, making them great fun and easy pets to have in your home. They’re also incredibly loyal, sweet, and playful, making them fun to own.

Piny Poo Miniature Pinscher Poodle Mix
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They’re not a dog breed to own if you’re busy and out of the house a lot, as they can easily suffer from separation anxiety.

Are Piny Poos Good for Families?

The Piny Poo is the ultimate family pet, as they have a highly affectionate and playful nature. Often they thrive off human company and love to curl up in your lap in front of the tv. They also like to be around children and don’t play rough with them.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

This dog breed can get on well with other animals in your home as long as they’re socialized from an early age. They also get on well with other animals as long as they have their own space and it’s not overcrowded in your home. 

Food & Diet Requirements

Piny Poo Miniature Pinscher Poodle Mix
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If you own a Piny Poo you should feed it a mixture of wet and dry food. You should never compromise on the quality of their food. Always opt for grain-free food that does not have filler ingredients in. On average, you might want to get specialized dog food that considers their age, size, and energy levels.

Take note that this is a hybrid that can easily become overweight; therefore, you should avoid giving them heavy carbs. They can also suffer from bloat; therefore, you should try to avoid feeding them low in fat foods and split their meals up into two to three smaller portions across the day. On average, you could expect to pay a monthly cost of $48-$72 a month for food.

Piny Poo Full-grown sizes

The size of a Piny Poo can slightly vary based on its gender. A female hybrid can grow up to 8-16inches/21-34cm and weigh between 5-35lbs/2-16kg. At the same time, a male can grow up to 10-18inches/26-46cm and weigh between 10-45lbs/4.5-21kg.

Life expectancy

If fed a healthy diet, taken for regular exercise, vet check-ups, and raised well, a Miniature Pinscher Poodle Mix can live up to 12-15 years.


Even though they’re little, these dogs require a lot of space and exercise to fulfill their energy levels. If you don’t provide them with a minimum of one hour of exercise every day, they could develop boredom, bad habits, anxiety, or behavioral problems such as barking or chewing. You should also try and aim to mix up their exercise routine by taking them on walks, hikes, playing games like fetch, swimming, and more.

Min Pinny-poo puppy playing in the snow


Even though the Piny Poo can inherit an intelligent personality from a Poodle, they still require a fair amount of training. Sometimes they can be a bit difficult to train if they inherit the nature of the Miniature Pinscher parent. To do this, you should start training them to remove any stubborn tendencies from an early age. When training them, ensure that you’re the leader and establish that you’re the alpha in the pack.


Often the Piny Poo will need to be brushed and groomed more than your typical dog. Ideally, you should aim to brush their coats every day and take them to a professional groomer at least once a month. If you feel confident, you can always use a pair of clippers to cut their fur. Plus, when grooming them, you should use a comb or pin brush to keep their coat intact.

Piny Poo Miniature Pinscher Poodle Mix
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You should also bathe a Piny Poo every few weeks using dog-friendly shampoo and check their ears to be clean. Also, you should check their toenails once a month and use nail trimmers if they’re long. In addition to this, you should brush their teeth 2-3 times a week and check their ears too.

Piny Poo Health and Conditions

Just like other Doodles, a Piny Poo can suffer from some health problems, most of which are inherited from its parents, such as:

However, these can be prevented or managed well if you take them to a vet for regular checkups.

Male vs. Female

Apart from their size, the female Piny Poo is a little bit more trainable than the male. At the same time, males have more of an outgoing personality.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Piny Poo is a fantastic small Doodle breed to own if you have kids and live in a small home. They’re known for their affectionate, loyal, and loving nature, making them dogs that thrive on human company. Sometimes they tend to be protective over their toys and food, so you should supervise them around other animals. Compared to other Doodles, they are not as expensive to own, costing between $200-$650.

Would you pay that much for a Piny Poo? Let us know in the comments down below.