Mini Labradoodle: Mini Poodle Lab Mix

If you want to see one of the world’s most popular Doodles condensed into a smaller version, you’ll love the mini Labradoodle. This gorgeous designer dog is a combination of the Miniature Poodle and Labrador.

Mini Labradoodles_ A Guide To The Mini Poodle And Lab Mix

They’re so small; they’re less than 45lbs/21kg in weight, making them a petite four-legged friend! The Mini Labradoodle combines the best of both parent breeds, being an intelligent and loveable animal.

The Mini Labradoodle was actually purposefully bred to be more of a loving and affectionate companion than its Standard Labradoodle sibling. They were also selectively bred to be hypoallergenic and low-shedding dogs.


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Even though they’re not purebred dogs or recognized as a breed by the AKC, they’re part of many designer breed registries. But, there’s more to them than just their affiliation as to why they’d be an excellent pet for your place. To know more, keep on reading.

Little-Known Facts About the Mini Poodle Lab Mix

Here are some cool bits of information that might be worth knowing when considering buying a mini Labradoodle:

  • They’re a new doodle breed

These dogs are classed as a new type of Doodle; their siblings are believed to have only come into existence in 1988. It was around that time when an Australian breeder bred a Labrador with a Standard Poodle. The whole purpose was to produce an odorless and non-hypoallergenic dog. Since this dog became so popular, the mini Labradoodle was formed, but not exactly sure when it came into existence.

  • The Mini Labradoodle can have two types of coat

The Mini Labradoodle can have two coat types based on what it inherits from its parents. Some can have a long, thick, and curly coat like the Poodle, whereas others have a short, dense, and straight coat like the Labrador.

  • The Mini Poodle lab mix is full of surprises

If you like to be surprised, then you will love this hybrid. As both of its parent’s breeds are completely opposite in structure, personality, and grooming, this designer dog can be difficult to predict when it comes to inheritance.

What’s the Mini Labradoodle Price?

If you’re thinking about buying a Mini Labradoodle, the cost can vary based on your location. Sometimes you can find them in ads in newspapers costing $500. However, because they’re rare, they can cost between $1,500-$5,000. As they’re rare, always make sure you visit a specialist breeder and visit these dogs in person. There could be a risk of you buying them from a puppy mill.

Are Mini Labradoodles hypoallergenic?

The Mini Labradoodle is not fully hypoallergenic. As they’re low shedding dogs, they’re great dogs to have if you have allergies, as their hair won’t linger too much around your house, as long as you keep on top of their grooming.

Many allergies that dogs trigger are not from their fur; it’s the dander or saliva.

One way to check if you could be allergic to a Mini Labradoodle is to meet their litter and see if you’re allergic to any of its siblings.

Mini Labradoodle Mini Poodle Lab Mix
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Temperament & Intelligence

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t predict what personality you will get with a mini Labradoodle. However, it can be a fun process to see how the temperament of a Labradoodle will develop as they grow older.

Whatever traits they inherit from either parent, it’s more than likely they will be intelligent dogs. Both Labradors and Poodles are easy to train and can adapt to new homes easily. As both parents are outdoor breeds, these are dogs that love to be outdoors and have a lot of playtime on water and land.

💡 Other similar small and designer doodle breeds, similar to the Mini Labradoodle, are the Lhasapoo, Havapoo, The Cavapoo, and the adorable Piny Poo, so make sure you check them out as well.

Are Mini Labradoodles Good for Families?

If you’re looking for a dog that gets on well with children and elders, then the mini Labradoodle is perfect. It’s not too intense, has a medium energy, loves to play, and has a gentle nature. But for you to reap these benefits, you must socialize it from an early age. However, it takes more after the Labrador; it might be a bit wary around strangers.

Mini Labradoodle Mini Poodle Lab Mix
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Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

As long as they’re socialized from an early age, they will get on well with other pets in your home.

Food & Diet Requirements

Even though the Mini Labradoodle is a small designer dog, it still requires an ample amount of food each day. On average, a fully grown Mini Labradoodle should have between 1.5-2 cups of food, split across different meals to ensure they’re healthy. You’ll also want to avoid feeding them food with lots of filler ingredients.

Instead, try and opt for high protein and low carbs in the food. Always read the label and check that it has the right nutrients for your dog’s diet. You should never free-feed them either, as this dog can easily suffer from bloat and become overweight.

These issues could be life-threatening and cost you a lot in vet bills too! Therefore if you’re unsure, you should speak to a vet who can advise you on the right formula-based food according to your dog’s age and weight.

Mini Labradoodle Full-grown sizes

The full-grown sizes of a Mini Labradoodle can vary slightly based on the size of its parents. On average, the smallest Mini Labradoodle can grow up to 14-16inches/35-40cm and weigh between 15-20lbs/6-11kg. At the same time, a slightly larger Labradoodle could grow up to 17-20inches/43-50cm and weigh between 50-65lbs/22-29kg.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a Mini Labradoodle is 12-14 years. On average, they live longer than their purebred parents.


The Mini Labradoodle is a dog that requires at least one hour of exercise each day. The reason for this is that they come from two active working parent breeds. If you plan on owning a mini Labradoodle, you’ll want to mix up their exercise with walking, swimming, running, and more. You should also keep them mentally stimulated, providing them with toys and games to stop them from engaging in boredom behavior.

Mini Labradoodle Mini Poodle Lab Mix
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Most of the time, these Doodles are easy to train from an early age due to their intelligent parents. If you don’t train them while young, though, they can be a bit of a handful and may pull on the leash, causing difficulty. As they’re a hybrid that’s quite easy to train, they often serve as guide and therapy dogs.

Mini Labradoodle Grooming

If the Mini Labradoodle has a double coat, it will need weekly brushing. On the contrary, if they have a coat more like the Poodle, it may be a bit more high maintenance, requiring daily brushing.

Do they shed

It can be hard to predict how much a Mini Labradoodle will shed, all depending on what they inherit from their parents. If they’re like their Labrador parent, then they will shed a lot.

Mini Labradoodle Health and Conditions

If the Mini Labradoodle is to get any health problems, it’s more than likely they’ve inherited it from their parents; such conditions they could get are:

  • Epilepsy
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Gastric Dilation (bloat)
  • Centronuclear Myopathy

While you can’t get health testing for some of these conditions, you must take a Mini Labradoodle to a vet for frequent checkups. A vet will be able to rule out any diseases and pick up on an early diagnosis.


Overall, the Mini Labradoodle is a cute and loving breed. They’re quite small to own and can come in two sizes. If you’re looking for a family companion for older relatives or children in your home, then the Mini Labradoodle is a match made in heaven.

This dog breed doesn’t shed much and tends to live for a good time. Compared to other Doodles, they don’t need much exercise, 1 hour a day will suffice. Moreover, as they’re not demanding dogs to look after, they’re great for first-time dog owners.

What interests you about the Mini Labradoodle? Comment below.

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