Poodle Puppies – The Most Cutest Things on Earth

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that dogs are one of the most amazing creatures in the world. They’re so lovable, but out of the many breeds, there is one breed we love more than others, that is the poodle. The truth is, poodles are just gorgeous, and there are more than 61 different Poodle crossbreeds! Plus, a poodle can come official in 3 breeds: the standard, miniature, and toy breed.

Poodle Puppies - The Most Cutest Things On Earth

We know, right, poodle galore.

We may be a little bit biased, but if you’ve seen a poodle puppy, you’ll understand just how cute and sweet they are. The truth is poodle puppies are energetic, love to be around people, are easy to train, and make a great addition to any home.


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But, before you get a poodle puppy for the first time, there are some important tidbits of information you should know to help you prepare in advance of buying and when your new poodle puppy arrives home. 

First of all, it’s best to bring a newborn poodle puppy home at the age of 7-8 weeks. Anything younger than that, a puppy may not develop fully and may not have been weaned fully from their mother.

A poodle puppy should be kept ideally for 8 weeks with its litter and mother to develop the right socialization skills. 

When do their eyes open?

Poodle Puppies

If you see a newborn poodle puppy, you’ll notice that they’ll keep their eyes and ears closed. It’s only after the 8-14 day period that they truly start to see the world around them. Once opened, you’ll find their beautiful eyes are a consistent blue color, and even their irises and pupils do not change. 

However, at this point, their vision may still be a bit blurry and may take a bit longer for them to see fully. If you happen to have a poodle that gives birth to a litter, do take care of poodle puppies’ eyes at this point and clean them, and look out for any signs of pus. If you do see any signs of pus, seek vet’s attention. 

After the 3 week mark, i.e., 21 days, their eyes usually start to change color, and you will see more personalized characteristics and traits begin to form in your poodle puppy. 

Are poodle puppies born with curly hair?

If you’re lucky to witness a poodle puppy being born and then have the privilege of raising them, you’ll notice that they will have their puppy coat. In comparison to an adult, poodle puppies have soft and fluffy wavy hair. It’s until they get older, their coat changes with them and becomes more curly.

Brown Poodle Puppy

When do they get curly hair?

On average, it takes around 9 months for the poodle’s hair to start to become curly. This is especially relevant if you have a miniature and a toy poodle. However, it takes a further 9 months for your poodle to have a curly coat fully. 

Therefore taking 18 months in total for the coat to become curly. On the contrary, if you own a standard poodle puppy, you will find their coat will change between 9-16 months and take 3 months to change over entirely.

Do note that you may find the coat to become matted in this period, and if you discover large mats of fur, it could ruin your poodle’s coat. The best way to get rid of this is to get it clipped off at dog groomers. 

Another way to avoid this is to regularly brush your poodle puppies coat to prevent mats during this period. It also gets you in a good routine to help you maintain your puppy’s coat later on.

Are they hyper or calm?

No doubt, when looking for a new addition to your family, you’ll want to know its temperament. Depending on your personality and home environment preference, you may be eager to know if a poodle puppy is hyper or calm. 

The fantastic thing about poodles is that they’re full of life and energy, which means they tend to be very hyper. They are a smart breed, so don’t be fooled when they pick up or respond to your emotions. 

Because poodle puppies and adults are hyper, they require frequent exercise, and we recommend taking them on walks twice a day. Similarly, you can play games with them that use up their energy.

If you do not allow your poodle puppy to use up its energy or do not have the right environment to exercise it, it could become restless, anxious, and destructive. Your poodle puppy could become bored or frustrated, and typical signs may include chewing furniture and objects and licking.

When do they calm down?

No doubt getting a poodle puppy can be an exciting time and tiring, to say at the least. These cute, cuddly four-legged creatures can sometimes even take your energy out of you. Don’t worry, though, just like all dogs, a poodle puppy’s energy level will eventually start to slow down.

The good news is, it doesn’t take THAT long for a poodle puppy to calm down. You will see your poodle puppy calming down from as early as 4 months old. This is the time they start to become aware of their daily schedule, routine, and commands.

Finally, around the 1-year-old mark, toy and miniature poodle puppies will generally become a lot calmer. If you have a standard poodle, the puppy will typically become calmer around 2 years of age. Once they reach these ages, they will be less demanding when it comes to attention, chew less, and be left on their own at home. 

Are poodle puppies easy to train?

Are Poodle Puppies Easy To Train?

When it comes to poodles, looks can be deceiving. You may look at a poodle seeing them well-groomed, their walk and their attitude, you’d think they’d be high maintenance. You may also think they’re difficult to train. Well, this couldn’t be any more of a myth.

Poodles are very intelligent dogs and have a natural athletic side to them. Because of this, it means they’re very easy to train. Plus, as they’re highly intelligent, we recommend training as it helps provide them with the mental stimulation they need during training and learning/

An excellent method for training poodle puppies is by using positive reinforcement. This means that when you want to teach it a behavior, reward your puppy with a treat or toy. That way, it will get used to doing this behavior over some time. 

Another method that may help your poodle puppy is crate training. A crate can help reduce separation anxiety, allow it to be potty trained, and become familiar with having its bed. 

Do they shed?

Just like most dogs, you will find poodle puppies will shed. A poodle puppy has a single coat that will grow, and over time, some may fall out. Often you’ll discover those hairs that fall out will go inside the coat. 

Therefore in comparison to other dogs, poodles do not shed the typical way. Similarly, if you groom your poodle regularly, then you may find it will shed. However, a poodle puppy does not shed as much as other breeds do.

Do they change color?

Be prepared for when you get a poodle puppy, its coat will not always remain the same color. When poodle puppies grow into adults, their coats will change, and so will the color. 

Similarly, throughout its life, you will find the coat to change color; it may fade as well. There are over 28 colors listed, which your poodle puppy’s coat could be. 

When they’re born, their coat’s color is known as the ‘intial’ color, and it falls to two important pigments they inherit from their parents. The first pigment is known as phaeomelanin, which is red and interacts with its genes to form a specific coat color. The second Eumelanin controls the black color and other colors on its body.

When do they stop growing?

Now there is no set age for all poodle puppies to stop growing; it comes down to their breed. If you have a toy poodle, it takes about 6-7 months to grow to its full height, which can be up to 9-11inches (24-28cm). 

If you have a miniature poodle, it could take up to 12 months, and it could grow up to 10-15 inches tall. Finally, if you own a standard poodle, they stop growing at 2 years old and can reach 24-27 inches in height.

How much do poodle puppies cost?

If you are looking to buy a poodle puppy, don’t expect to pay a specific cost. Simply due to their breeds, the price can vary anything from $2,000-$4,000 for a registered pure bred. Cheaper pups may not have papers and are often farmed. Factors such as the breeder, the coat, parents, location, and medical background can influence the poodle price range.

If you wish to adopt a poodle puppy, prices can vary depending on the rescue shelter you buy it from. To know more about purchasing a poodle puppy, we suggest conducting the relevant research regarding what breed you want and location before buying it. 

There’s plenty of information out there on the internet, but to have an accurate price in mind, you must be specific about what type of puppy you want.

Final Thoughts

Poodle puppies are adorable to look at and incredibly playful addition to any home. Their constant quest for energy-filled activities and intelligence makes them one of the easiest breeds to train. They shed hair, but not as much as other canine breeds, and their hair becomes fully curly around 18 months. 

There are three main breeds the toy, miniature and standard, and more than 61 different crossbreeds (and growing)! Similarly, they have up to 28 shades of color you can find in their coat, and their coat sometimes changes as they get older. This does not only happen but can occur, for example, when a red poodle becomes browner at puberty.

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