Pugapoo – Pug Poodle Mix

What do you get if you cross a Chinese dog with a German dog?

Pugapoos_ A Guide To The Pug And Poodle Mix

A Pugapoo!

If you didn’t know already, this dog is a crossbreed that is the by-product of a Poodle and a Pug.


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Now, these two breeds are already adorable. Can you imagine what the Pugapoo looks like? No need to imagine we’re going to go into this shortly.

The Pugapoo is a small dog breed and can grow up to 8-15inches/20cm-38cm and can weigh up to 10-30Ibs/4.5-13.6kg, which makes it a perfect breed to own from; a small apartment to a condo and even a big house!

More about the parents of a Pugapoo 


This cute breed originates back from China, and its first existence dates back to the Han dynasty in China during 206BC-200AD. There are rumors that circulate that they date back to the Tibetan Mastiff. Back then, the Pugs were a favorite dog of Chinese emperors designed to sit in their laps and were an exclusive animal to own. Then later, during the 16th century, they became very popular in China and Europe. It became popular amongst dutch royals and even saved a prince’s life!


The Poodle derives all the way from Germany, and its name means to splash in the water. This breed was commonly used for hunting waterfowl like ducks and birds. It later became popular in France and was accepted as one of France’s national dogs, and then it came across lots of Europe. 

Now enough about the parents, let’s talk about the Pugapoo!


It’s essential to know that a Pugapoo’s temperament can vary based on what it inherits. Therefore not every Pugapoo is the same! But, you can expect this breed to have qualities such as being outgoing, friendly, loving, and loyal.

If you have other family members in your home, whether they’re young or old, a Pugapoo will bond with them quickly and easily. This also applies to dogs and cats in your home; most of the time, they will get on with them well. Plus, expect lots of cuddles and affection from this crossbreed after a long day at work so they can climb up on your lap. Do note, though, for this breed to be welcoming towards other humans, you should socialize it from a young age.

This crossbreed also tends to inherit its Poodle parents’ highly intelligent nature and often requires a lot of stimulation.

If it does not get that stimulation, it can easily develop self-destructive habits such as chewing on furniture, nipping, barking, and digging. Plus, if you leave it for too long on its own, it could develop separation anxiety.

So make sure you stimulate the Pugapoo and give it ample amounts of attention. Similarly, if you’re going to leave the house for a long period, you might want to make sure that someone else is in the house while you’re gone if you’re going to be outside for a long time.

Pugapoo - Pug Poodle Mix

If you want to learn more about other small doodle breeds, I’ve also written about the French Boodle & The Chipoo. Two small breeds but with a great heart full of love for their owners, or the Chow Chow Poodle mix which also originates in China.

On the bright side, though, due to it being a smart breed, it learns quickly, which makes house training a joyful and easy experience, as opposed to a burden. You will also want to teach it when is the appropriate time to bark. If not trained well, this breed will bark randomly at passersby and unusual sounds.

Trust me, that’s the last thing you will want is complaints from your neighbors about your Pugapoo barking!

What does a pug poodle mix look like?

To really know what the Pugapoo looks like, we need to understand its parents’ appearance. The reason for doing this is because the Pugapoo can inherit either quality of the Pug or Poodle.

First of all, the Pug is compact in size and is renowned for its short, smooth coat. It has the option of coming in coat colors such as fawn and black. It has a black nose which is flat, and cute button eyes.

Whereas the Poodle comes in three types: the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. They’re renowned for their curly, soft, dense, and smooth coats. Similarly, there are a variety of options their coat color can be such as cream, apricot, white, silver, and black. 

Pugapoo - Pug Poodle Mix

Most of the time, a Pugapoo will have quite an elongated nose and ears that droop down. Its coat texture will tend to be smooth and curly. Similarly, the common coat colors they have are black, apricot, black mask, and white. 

A Pugapoo build tends to be small and has a slim stocky body and a dark muzzle like the Poodle. Similarly, it has a medium sized body that is slim in size and stock. It also tends to inherit the Pugs tail, which curls over into a loop and lays on their rump. Plus, it could be straight and or have a whippy type tail like the Poodle. 

Is the Pugapoo hypoallergenic?

Often the Pugapoo can often be classed as Hypoallergenic due to its Poodle parent being hypoallergenic and not shedding much. Whereas if it takes after its Pug parent, then it might not be hypoallergenic as this breed sheds a lot.

Pugapoo - Pug Poodle Mix

Ultimately though, no dog is ever completely hypoallergenic. Generally, a Pugapoos coat is not as high maintenance as a Poodle but usually can be more than a Pug. Therefore to stay on top of the Pugapoo’s hair shedding, you should make sure you groom it regularly.

Grooming requirements for a Pugapoo

Again the type of grooming a Pugapoo needs will be purely down to the coat it has. Ideally, you should brush a Pugapoo’s coat around three times a week. Similarly, you should pay careful consideration to its coat. A Pugapoo won’t require any trimming, but a Poodle will keep its hairstyle in place, and it’s best you take them to a groomer every 6 weeks. 

Similarly, if it has more of a curly coat, then you should be conscious of it matting, tangling, and having dirt-trapping in there. If you don’t brush it or take it to get clipped regularly, your Pugapoo could have a risk of getting a skin infection at the hair root. 

Pugapoo - Pug Poodle Mix

Also, because their ears drop down, you will want to check their ears once a week and make sure there’s no dirt in there. Similarly, check if they’re red, smelly funny or odor is there; if you notice this, it could be an indicator of an infection. Therefore look at their ears frequently, and the best way to clean their ears is by using a dog-friendly solution and a cotton swab.

Most of the time, you won’t need to trim the nails of a Pugapoo often as this is an active crossbreed that loves to exercise, and through exercise, their nails will often get a lot shorter. On the contrary, if this is not the case for your Pugapoo, you should clip their nails every 2-3 weeks. Finally, you should brush its teeth every day using a vet-approved dog toothpaste.

Health problems of a Pug Poodle mix

Most of the time, a Pug Poodle mix can live up to 12-14 years; that’s if they’re raised well, benefit from a healthy diet and regular exercise. Similarly, their life expectancy can decrease if they have the following health problems:

  • Hip dysplasia: This is when their hip socket does not align with the joint, causing mobility issues and often in the worst-case paralysis. 
  • Thyroid disease: When their thyroid gland can be underactive, causing weight gain, lethargy, changes to their coat, dark skin pigmentation, and more.
  • Breathing difficulties: The Pug Poodle mix could inherit some breathing problems if they take after their pug parent. The Pug is a brachycephalic breed which means their airways can become obstructed and may wheese easily. 

If you feel your Pug Poodle mix might have any of these problems, then you should visit a vet. Similarly, a yearly health checkup is also a good idea because it helps rule out any future problems and prevent expensive bills. 

Pugapoo - Pug Poodle Mix

However, it’s important to know that out of many crossbreeds, this canine is one of the healthiest and even healthier breeds out of the Doodle ones.

How much does a Pugapoo puppy cost?

On average, a Pugapoo puppy tends to cost in the USA $100-$750. That’s not considering the cost of medical bills, vaccinations, deworming, toys, food, and much more. Similarly, the price can vary depending on the location you’re in the breeder, vet bills, and its parents. It’s also important you buy a Pugapoo from a specialized breeder and not a puppy farm.


The Pugapoo is a unique crossbreed and tends to be a beautiful mix of the Pug and Poodle. It’s not as expensive as other Doodles, with the average price ranging between $100-$750. Plus, they don’t tend to have as many health problems as other doodle breeds.

Similarly, they are a dog that loves to be around people, which makes them great for homes with children and members of the elderly. They’re not aggressive around other animals either if they’re socialized from a young age.

Its appearance can vary based on what it inherits from its parents. For instance, they could have a soft and smooth curly coat or a short-haired coat. Similarly, it could have a curly tail like a Pugs or a straight one.

What qualities would you like to see in a Pugapoo? Would you prefer to have more from its Poodle parent or Pug parent? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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