Setting Up a Poodle’s Eating, Sleeping, and Potty Areas

Creating designated areas for essential tasks like eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom can help establish routines and expectations for your poodle. In this article, I’ll provide tips on choosing the best spaces for these activities and introducing them to your poodle. Keep in mind that these designated areas don’t have to be the only places your poodle can go; they just provide a clear understanding of where they should go for each task.

Setting Up A Poodle’s Eating, Sleeping, And Potty Areas


Before bringing your poodle puppy home, you must decide where the best eating area is for them. For example, many dog owners often choose to feed their pets in the kitchen, as it’s easy to access food storage and quick to clean floors in case of spillage. Well, that’s if your kitchen is like mine and has tile or hardwood. Plus, if you and your family regularly eat in the kitchen, your poodle may feel more included when eating.

If your kitchen is not an ideal environment to feed your poodle, then place their bowl in an area that is easy to clean and disinfect. You’ll want to avoid carpet flooring and opt for rooms with tiles, wood, laminate, or linoleum floors.


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Poodle Eating From Its Bowl

A crate can also serve as a great space to feed your poodle. This can help desensitize your pup to the crate and help them see their crate as a safe space. 

Additionally, feeding in the crate can help with potty training, too. A dog naturally does not want to make a mess with accidents in their crate if they know that it is also the space where they eat, so this helps strengthen their ability to see their crate as a safe den space.

Your poodle’s designated eating area does not need to be lavish; they don’t need flowers, a tablecloth, or ambient lighting. They just need ample space for their food and water bowls. When possible, place the eating area in a quiet area of your home, away from noise and distractions.

Never feed your poodle outside!

Feeding your poodle outside in your garden or yard can pose significant risks to their health. This is because unwanted parasites, animals, germs, and rodents may come to their food bowl and feeding area.

Remember to always be consistent with the space and time you feed your poodle. Over time, when they become hungry, they might come to that designated spot to be fed without you calling them.

Top tip: Always serve in a clean bowl and put a placemat under their bowls to trap spills and stop the dishes from moving around the floor.

Housing and Sleeping

Before bringing your poodle home, you must carefully consider the positioning of their bed. No matter how comfortable their bed is, it would help if you had the right area for them to nap. Like humans, tired poodles can be easily irritable and difficult to train! Most importantly, you’ll want a draft-free spot. Alongside this, you should consider the following:

A quiet space

Always put your poodle’s bed in a quiet space where a lot of noise does not come from nearby. Therefore, places like next to the front door, hallway, or laundry room are not suitable, as your dog will always be alert and unable to sleep deeply. You’ll want to find a location where your family only goes in and out occasionally.

Near family

Poodles are just like any other dog or human; they have tribal instincts and need to be around other people. Therefore, you might want to consider an area where all your family unites and spends time, like your living room or dining room, where your dog can relax.

A place your Poodle picks

Your poodle will also enjoy exploring your home like other family members and will have specific spots they like more. Therefore, you might want to observe how your poodle behaves and move the bed to its preferred spot.

Poodle In Its Dog Bed

Warm spaces

Never place your poodle’s bed near windows, doors, or sliding doors that could cause a draft. So choose wisely! At the same time, you don’t want to put your dog’s bed in an excessively hot environment. You’ll want to avoid a space where your poodle’s bed is exposed directly to sunlight, as it can cause them to overheat. Similarly, you should avoid putting the bed near an open fire where they could get burned.

Note: Never put your poodle’s bed in the same room or area they eat in. The last thing you’ll want is for them to associate this area with food and get too excited to sleep!


The pooping spot for your poodle should no doubt be outdoors. Unless you’re paper-training your poodle, where there should be a specified litter box, However, keep in mind that their pooping area may not always be the same, and it is not as simple as pointing and saying “go there.” When selecting spaces for your Poodle, you’ll want to consider the following:


Look out for any potential slopes in your garden or backyard. You’ll want to ensure the ground slopes away from your home or common areas. The last thing you want is pee in places you frequently visit.

Comfortable and accessible

You’ll want to choose a convenient location for them to poop where you can quickly remove them. If there’s any emergency, you’ll be able to take them out without having to worry about your household furniture.


You’ll want to consider the terrain when choosing your poodle’s pooping area. If you select ground or tiled terrain outdoors, their pee may stain the flooring due to the high acid content. Therefore, grass is often a safer option as it caters to their instincts. It’s also better as it absorbs their urine quickly and makes it more comfortable for them to poop.


Always consider a space near your poodle’s potty spot with good drainage. The last thing you’ll want to do is add drainage or get them acquainted with a new location once they potty. If you need to add drainage, often applying driveway gravel on top of the ground can filter out urine.

Poodle Peeing

On the contrary, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment, you may want to think about doing the following…

  • Balcony: If your apartment has a balcony, taking them there can be quick and practical and allow them to make their mess outside their house. On your balcony, it would be best to add a litterbox for your Poodle to climb into and add dog litter.
  • Fake grass boxes: If you have no space, you can add boxes of fake grass on top of absorbent material in your house. Therefore in an emergency, you don’t have to wait to take the elevator or stairs, allowing them to do it on the grass and help you with a quick cleanup.
  • Pee pads: Peepads are reusable, washable, and carry strong scents to entice your Poodle to pee on them. You might want to consider putting your Poodle’s pee pads in the bathroom to stop smells from lingering in other areas of your apartment.

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