Sharpoo – Sharpei Poodle Mix

Are you looking to own a doodle that’s great with kids?

Sharpoos_ A Guide To The Sharpei And Poodle Mix

If so, then you will want to see if you can own a Sharpoo. This breed is a cross between the intelligent Poodle and loyal Sharpei.

They’re a popular type of hybrid found in shelters and rescue centers, so you should always consider adopting before buying from a breeder!


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Alongside their availability, this gorgeous hybrid can live up to 12-15 years. That’s a long time in the dog world! 

But to know about the characteristics and cool qualities of the Sharpei Poodle mix, we have to rewind to the days of their parents and look at their history first.

History 📚

It’s believed that this designer dog first came into existence back in the 1980s-1990s when breeders mixed its parents to create smaller hypoallergenic puppies that were more gentle and calmer than their parents. 

Poodle parent

Did you know that Sharpoo’s Poodle parent was once a hunter? Yes, it’s true; this breed’s origin can be traced back to Germany. When they were first bred, they were created to be hunters, commonly hunting waterfowl for noblemen. 

Back then, their unique hairstyles made them highly buoyant and streamlined in the water, allowing them to attack quickly. In addition to their epic athletic ability, they are also a highly intelligent breed that learns quickly. Today you’ll find three types of Poodles: the Standard, Minature and Small. Out of the three, only the small version of the Poodle is bred to get a Sharpei Poodle mix. 

Sharpei parent

One of the unique things about its Shar-Pei parent is that it’s an extremely ancient breed. When I say ancient, I mean that it originated in China around 200bc and that’s just a rough estimate. The truth is, it could be a lot earlier than that. Back then, the purpose of the Sharpei was to be a guard dog, and they were also kept to fight. The sad thing about this is that they are still used for this purpose in parts of Tibet. 

The reason they were kept for fighting is due to their loose skin and sharp prickly coat. This coat was commonly used to fight off boar and hunt them. 

Later on, they were developed even more to fight dogs, as their hair was difficult to grab and hold onto from other dogs. If a dog did manage to hold on, the Shar-Pei has enough room to bite back. Today the dog is still an aggressive breed towards other dogs and humans; however, these qualities can be removed easily if they are socialized from an early age.

Sharpoo Temperament ✨

When looking for a dog, personality is a major factor and can be crucial on what canine becomes your new family member. When it comes to a Sharpoo, they tend to be a well rounded dogs which means they get on easily with other children, cats, dogs, humans, and other animals in your home. That is if they’re socialized from an early age!

Sharpoo - Sharpei Poodle Mix

Luckily its Poodle’s genetics balances out its aggressive instant from its Sharpei parent. Due to the Poodle’s intelligent nature and obedience, it’s not a dog to act as a watchdog. If you’re looking for this type of dog, then you’ll be disappointed as, at most, the Sharpoo is wary and hardly barks towards strangers.

The Sharpei Poodle mix loves to be the center of attention and thrives off human companionship, which means they don’t do well being left for long periods on their own. They do, however, love to cuddle up to you and lie on your lap after you’ve had a long day at work. They will also compete for lots of family members’ attention, just like another very similar doodle – the Sheltidoodle & the Chow Chow Poodle mix.

Do note that if you’re a sedentary person, this breed might not be for you.

The Sharpei Poodle mix is a very curious dog with high energy levels; this means you have to have a large amount of time to exercise this breed.

What does a Sharpoo look like? 🐩

Generally, the Sharpoo tends to be a medium-size growing up to 12-20inches/30-51cm and weighs between 40-60lbs/18-27kg. The Sharpoo’s eyes are rounded and tend to have a squared long muzzle. 

Sharpoo - Sharpei Poodle Mix

They also tend to inherit their Poodle parent’s long floppy ears that droop down. Most of the time, they have a short to medium coat that tends to be wavy or curly like their Poodle parent. Their coat also comes in a range of brown, white, beige, and mixed colors.

Grooming requirements ✂️

One fantastic feature of the Sharpei Poodle mix is its low shedding hybrid, thanks to both of its parents. This means it’s close to hypoallergenic making it a great dog to own for allergy sufferers! While this may be true, you still need to groom it regularly to ensure its coat stays in good condition. 

If you own a Sharpoo or thinking about owning one, you should brush it daily to prevent its hair from matting and tangling. However, if it inherits a coat similar to a Shar-Pei, it may require more frequent attention to reduce the risk of skin infections. Plus, if they have floppy ears, it’s important to frequently check for any dirt, bacteria, or moisture in their ears and clean them to prevent infections from occurring. 

Health problems 💊

Most of the time, this designer dog does not have any health problems, but they can sometimes have the following:

  • Bloat: This is when a Sharpoo’s stomach fills with gas, food, and fluid then twists. When this happens, the dog’s stomach expands, and it can be life-threatening, causing pressure to their organs. If a Sharpoo has bloat, they will display typical symptoms such as restlessness, a painful abdomen, drooling more than normal, panting, a distressed look, retching, and more. Depending on how severe the bloat depends on the type of treatment the vet provides. 
  • Hip Dysplasia: A condition where a Sharpoo’s hip joint loosens and causes a lot of dysfunction and pain. Typically, their joints grind against each other, causing mobility issues and contributing to osteoarthritis later.
  • Progressive Renal Atrophy: This condition occurs due to a group of degenerative diseases affecting their photoreceptor cells. Over time the cells in their eyes deteriorate, causing blindness or difficulties with sight. There tends to be no treatment for the disease in dogs, but antioxidant therapy has been shown to delay the condition.
  • Epilepsy: A neurological condition that causes repeated seizures and dizziness. Common signs of epilepsy in a Sharpoo are temporary spells of confusion, staring moments, uncontrollable jerking movements of their arms and legs, anxiety, loss of confusion, and more. Epilepsy is usually treated by medication. 
  • Hypoglycemia: This is a condition where the Sharpoo has low blood sugar and becomes low in energy due to it. Typically dogs will experience sweating, feeling tired, tingling lips, feeling hungry, shaky heartbeat, trembling, and more. Often dogs who have this are given intravenous fluid or glucose water to ensure they have an increase in blood glucose levels,

It’s not common for a Sharpoo to experience these health problems; however, you should make sure you see a vet a few times a year to ensure these issues are ruled out and the dog is well vaccinated.

Sharpoo Puppies Cost 💲

If you’re planning to get a Sharpoo from an early age, then they can be quite a stubborn breed at first. They don’t play well with kids and animals at a young age, so it’s essential they’re socialized and trained as soon as possible. 

Sharpoo - Sharpei Poodle Mix

Regarding the cost of this breed, it can completely vary based on the country you’re located in and the breeder’s reputation. On average, in the USA, a Sharpoo puppy can cost between $500-$1000, but that’s without veterinary bills, food, toys, care, and more. Therefore depending on where you’re located, you might want to budget accordingly.

Moreover, if you plan on getting them from a breeder, you will want to visit the dogs in person to reduce the risk of buying them from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are a farm where dogs are kept inhumane conditions and often have many health problems.

In summary ✔️

The Sharpei Poodle mix is an all-rounder Doodle breed that’s fantastic with kids. Even though they have an aggressive parent, they don’t inherit any aggressive qualities. Similarly, they love to be the center of attention and thrive off human companionship.

If you’re planning on getting a guard dog, this breed is not for you as the dog does not bark or become defensive around strangers. It is also a low shedding breed, making them a great dog to own if you suffer from many allergies. 

However, if you wish to own this breed, you must have spare time to raising them, as they have high energy levels and require frequent grooming. They have a few health problems, but they’re nothing major and should always have regular checkups from a vet.

What do you think? Does the Sharpei match the qualities you look for in a Poodle? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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