Male vs. Female Poodle: Which One is the Perfect for You?

When looking to bring a new pet, i.e., a canine, into your home, you can find it may take some time to decide on the breed and size of the dog you want.

Male Vs. Female Poodle_ Which One Is The Perfect For You

You may even find yourself debating between other family members on the best gender to bring home.

This is especially the case with Poodles; their gender should not be overlooked. 


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The differences are vast, which can be seen in their appearance, unique behavioral traits, temperaments, physical abilities and can even influence their cost.

To help make your mind up, today, I’m going to compare the difference between the two genders of Poodle extensively.


The Poodle does have some distinct differences in their appearance according to each gender; however, they don’t vary too much compared to other dogs. To know about their unique qualities, I have categorized their appearance into the following sections. 


Did you know that there are significant variations in the size of each Poodle? The reason why is that the Poodle comes in three different types: the standard, miniature, and toy. Generally, the Poodle does not differ much in height according to each gender, but they do regarding their weight and type.

Standard Poodle (M)18-24 inches/46-63cm60-70lbs/27-32kg
Standard Poodle (F)18-24 inches/46-63cm40-50lbs/18-23kg
Minature Poodle (M)11-15 inches/28-38cm15-17lbs/7-8kg
Minature Poodle (F)11-15 inches/28-38cm15-17lbs/7-8kg
Toy Poodle (M)9-11 inches/24-28cm 4-6lbs/2-3kg
Toy Poodle (F)9-11 inches/24-28cm 4-6lbs/2-3kg

As you can see, the height of each Poodle tends to be the same according to each gender. However, the weight does vary a great deal based on the sex you choose.

Irrespective of their size or type, all Poodles tend to be highly energetic and require a home with enough space to run around in. Typically a Standard Poodle of either gender will need a home with a large backyard to run around in. In contrast, a miniature or toy is great for apartment dwellers as long as they get enough exercise daily.


A Poodle is renowned for its near-to-hypoallergenic soft wavy or curly coat. Its coat hardly ever sheds and does not require that much maintenance compared to other breeds. This makes it a great dog if you have allergies, as it’s less likely their hair will linger over your home.

They come in a large number of coat colors and patterns ranging up to 28 different types. Regardless of their gender, they commonly come in coat colors such as apricot, black, white, silver, blue, brown, gray, cream, silver, beige, red, and other bi-colors.

Unlike some breeds, this dog does not stay the same color all of its life. From a puppy to an adult, it undergoes several changes in coat colors. This can vary due to the pigmentation it inherits from either parent being Eumelanin or Phaeomelanin.

Male Vs Female Poodle

Facial and body structure

If your heart melts at the adorable appearance of a Poodle, then you don’t need to worry if you’re looking to buy one based on facial structure; it’s pretty much the same for each gender.

To recap, a Poodle has dark oval-shaped eyes, a long pointed nose or a teddy bear type nose, and floppy ears. Their bodies tend to be square with a long neck, straight back, docked tail, and long legs, contributing to their springy steps.

Male vs. Female Temperamental Differences

To fully grasp the traits each gender portrays, it’s vital to look at the general temperament a Poodle holds. So, what personality does a Poodle hold exactly?

Well, if you’re not familiar already, the Poodle boasts a great personality making them a perfect addition for any household. I say perfect because a Poodle is a highlight intelligent breed, making them easy to train and great to own for first-time dog owners. In addition, their personality makes them quick to respond to commands and easy to learn on the go.

However, as they are highly intelligent, this makes them a breed that needs to be mentally stimulated frequently. This means giving them games such as tug of war, Kong toys, and other activities to prevent them from being bored and developing self-destructive behaviors.

The Poodle is not an aggressive breed; their personality is opposite, being eager to please, and they get on with any family member, including children and the elderly. They’re also an excellent watchdog and will notify you with a bark when strangers are around, but they won’t bite.

The Poodle has a near-perfect personality, but its traits can differ slightly according to each gender.

Male Poodle

Most male dogs come with the stereotype of humping and showing dominance over certain objects and animals, i.e., peeing to mark their territory. When it comes to the male Poodle, they tend to live up to this stereotype and will display this behavior if they’re not appropriately trained from an early age. In addition to training them, they should ideally be neutered at around five months to stop this from happening.

On the bright side, though, this gender tends to be easier to train in socializing and housebreaking than the female Poodle due to their easy-to-please personality. However, if you’re looking for a family dog, a male Poodle might not be the best, as they’re all rounded.

While they are gentle in nature, they often devote their attention to one main family member and ignore others. This trait can make them quite demanding and time-consuming if they decide to take up all your attention.

It’s also highly common for breeders to keep males as their pets after breeding due to the personal bond they develop.

Female Poodle

In terms of dependency, the female Poodle is quite needy and tends to be dependent on a specific family member. This is quite the opposite to male Poodle’s who tend to share their love around.

In comparison to the Male Poodle, they tend to be more smart and intelligent, therefore having an independent nature. However, due to this independent streak, they can be a bit more stubborn and choose to ignore your commands.

Plus, if you don’t train them or spay them early, they can commonly exhibit alpha behavior. This means they will try to display acts of dominance around the house, such as peeing on furniture, humping, and more. Not only will they try to act like the boss around other dogs they may try to dominate their owners. As a result, it can become more challenging to undergo obedience training.

Male Vs Female Poodle

As you can see from this graph, there is a slightly bigger interest for males than females. I personally prefer female poodles so I can always get a pup from my beloved pet.

Poodles as a working and service dogs

As the Poodle is a friendly breed with an easy-to-please nature, this makes them a fantastic dog to help with certain health conditions and professions.

Their main purpose back then was to serve as a breed that would typically hunt waterfowl and birds for rich noblemen in Germany. Today, the Poodle does not hunt actively; however, they do get commonly recruited as dogs for the military and police. This is because their highly intelligent nature makes them easy to train and learn certain tasks in a range of different environments.

Poodles are also commonly used as service dogs for disabled people, and they’re also a dog used for therapy. This breed is also great for retrieving and carrying objects making them convenient to own. Poodles are also extremely reliable and trustworthy dogs allowing them to be fantastic dogs for multiple occupations.

You might have already known that the Poodle is an excellent breed for work, but do you know which gender is more hard-working?

Male And Female Standard Poodles

Male Poodle

Due to the male’s ability to bond to a specific family member can make them a fantastic dog to work for the care sector. Male poodles trained to a high standard will worry about the attached person’s health and safety and see it as their duty to look after them.

Moreover, due to the demanding needs of a male Poodle and their urge for affection, they can be comforting dogs to own if you suffer from depression and isolation. Male Poodles are also great companions making people feel less lonely and like they have a purpose.

Female Poodle

As female Poodles can cope with various environments, it makes them a great dog for stressful situations. Unlike male Poodles, they don’t become stressed when accompanying people with chronic conditions, pain, and any therapy job. They also bond easily in groups making them great dogs to work with and interact with many people in one go.

Are there any health differences?

When it comes to Poodles, they don’t have any distinct differences as per their gender. The only main difference is if not spayed, a female can go into heat 1-4 times a year. Otherwise, the main problems they could face are:

  • Bloat
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts

Poodle puppies

Due to their different traits, you might be wondering what the costs of each gender are? Well, most of the time, they tend to cost the same unless they’ve been spayed or neutered. Ultimately the price can depend on the breeder’s reputation, Poodle lineage, and location. If you’re in the USA, you can expect to pay the following:

BreedAverageHigh end
Standard$700-$1,200$2,500- $5,000
Toy or Minature Poodle$1,000-$1,500$1,700-$2,000

While Poodle puppies cost relatively the same based on their gender, it’s important to not make a sole decision based on their sex. You should always visit a breeder in person over several visits to see how the Poodle behaves alongside its mother and its remaining littermates.

You might want to look for signs of Poodle puppies being sat on their own, as this could be a sign they will develop into a reserved adult. In contrast, a Poodle puppy that is playful and affectionate will certainly be affectionate in your home.

In these circumstances, it’s always important to look at the breeding facilities and how clean the litter is. Check to see if their bedding is clean and sanitary. If they have clean bedding are raised in a hygienic environment, it’s more than likely they will be easier to potty train.

Also, look at the Poodle puppy carefully and check for bright, clean eyes and eyelids. Make sure they have a cold and wet but not runny nose. You should also check for their ears to make sure they’re clean with no odor or discharge coming from them as well as no overbite or underbite.

Female And Male Poodles

Who should own a male Poodle?

If you’re looking for a dog to be completely devoted to you, then you should opt to get a male Poodle. Their eager-to-please personality can make them easy to train, and they will shower you with lots of affection. Therefore, if you want a dog as a best friend who will stick to your side, you should get a male Poodle.

Who should own a female Poodle?

If you have several members in your family and animals, then a female Poodle is a good dog to divide her attention across many. Similarly, if you’re always busy and can’t always cuddle up with a dog and watch tv, then the female Poodle is also ideal as they have an independent side. They’re not as demanding or attention-grabbing as a male.

Male Vs Female Poodle Infographic

In summary

When it comes to gender, Poodles tend to have similar health problems and don’t differentiate in cost. Their heights don’t differ much either, but their sizes do. The main difference in temperament is that a male tends to bond to one person and is needier than a female. In comparison, females bond to many and are more independent. Both genders make excellent working dogs and great additions to any household.

What are your thoughts on the male vs. female Poodle? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Most articles I’ve read suggest that male poodles are excellent family dogs as they tend to form bonds with all the members equally while female poodles are typically attached to a specific family member. My own experience as the pawrent of a male toy poodle has been consistent with this observation.


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