The Maltipoo Dog Breed: Maltese Poodle Mix

If you like hybrid dogs, then you might be a fan of the Maltese poodle, otherwise known as a Maltipoo. This breed is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. 

Maltipoos_ A Guide To The Maltese And Poodle Mix Breed

A Maltese is a small dog breed in the miniature or toy category and has long, silky white hair.

You’ve probably got an image in your head now of the two beautiful breeds. Now can you imagine what a Maltipoo looks like? This gorgeous little dog breed has a range of coat colors from apricot, black, blue, brown, cream, grey, red and more. Often Maltese poodles coats can have one solid or two colors. 


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Just like their parents, Maltese poodles are soft, loving lap dogs, and gentle to be around. Sometimes, this breed can be commonly known as a designer dog as they’re bred on purpose and mix two popular breeds. 

History of the Maltipoo?

Maltipoos originated and were first bred in the United States during the 1990s. Then these affectionate breeds were later born in the U.K and Canada. Today, you can find them roaming around other countries, but most commonly found in the countries listed above. This dog has no reference to Malta whatsoever. 

The Maltipoo Dog Breed: Maltese Poodle Mix

Since the Maltese Mix is a mixed designer dog, it is not recognized by the Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Is The Maltipoo dog good for first time owners?

Being a first-time owner can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time. Owning a dog for the first time is a significant change to your life, and it’s one you have to prepare yourself for even if you are a big-time dog lover. 

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the next step, you will need to investigate what dog you want to have in your home. Well, we may be a little bit biased here, but we feel Maltipoos are an excellent dog to have if you’re a first time owner. 

The reason behind this is that this breed learns on the go and are very easy to train. Plus, they’re highly affectionate (they love to cuddle) and receptive to your responses and wants.

Maltipoos are also happy dogs and the perfect companion for any family. What we mean by this is that they love both older people and children alike. They’re highly adaptable and can live in a home or an apartment. 

However, if you choose to buy this poodle cross, make sure they stay in your home, as they’re not bred to live outside or left for long periods on their own. This breed loves attention from humans.

Is it a hypoallergenic dog mix?

It’s hard to know if you’ll be allergic to a Maltipoo or not. One great thing about this breed is that their coat and skin sheds little dander (dead skin). Due to its silky coat, often the dander falls off the Maltipoo, causing a lower chance of an allergic reaction from happening once contact is made with the dog. 

Just because this dander may not be on their coat, it may still put you at risk of coming into contact with it on its bed or belongings. To avoid any allergic reactions, we recommend washing their belongings and cleaning your house frequently. 

Before buying any dog, it may be worthwhile getting an allergy test from your local doctor to see if you could develop a potential reaction.

Temperament and Socialization Of The Poodle And Maltese Mix dog

The Poodle and Maltese mix dog is a popular choice as it’s a great family dog. They are known for their great temperament and easy socialization. They are also one of the most intelligent breeds, which makes them easy to train. However, they do require regular grooming and exercise.

Training Your Maltipoo

Maltipoos are intelligent dogs that can be trained to do tricks, obedience commands, and even agility courses. The best way to train your Maltipoo is with positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise. Start with basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. Once your dog has mastered these commands, you can move on to more advanced training. Agility courses are a great way to give your Maltipoo exercise and mental stimulation. If you are not sure how to get started, there are many books and online resources that can help you.

Are they aggressive or playful?

Maltipoos have a loving personality, and their friendly behavior makes them the perfect match for any family. Similarly, if you suffer from depression or any other mental health issues, they are an excellent dog for therapy. This breed loves to cuddle and snuggle, so they’re great if you want to have affection.

Similarly, Maltese poodles are incredibly active and must be walked/exercised regularly. While they love a good snuggle, they are very sensitive. They can’t be left home for a while on their own as they will get separation anxiety. 

Compared to other breeds, Maltipoos often need more attention than you think, as they are a companion dog. Not only will they develop separation anxiety if you leave them alone, but they will also bark and become destructive.

Does the maltese poodle mix bark a lot?

As a dog owner, you may be hesitant about owning a loud dog. Well, if you own a Maltese poodle from a young age, you may find them barking a lot. Sometimes this breed will bark when left alone for long periods. They do this to express how sad and unhappy they are when they’re not around a human. This is often referred to as lonely barking. 

Another form of barking they do is because they’re scared. If your Maltese puppy comes into contact with a strange sound or noise, then they can bark out of fear. We recommend socializing your puppy from a young age (ideally before 16 weeks) and introducing them to new environments so they don’t bark as frequently.

Maltese puppies can come across as demanding as they love to have attention. You may find them barking so that they can get affection off you. Similarly, if they are excited, you may find them barking, expressing their enthusiasm also. 

To avoid this manifesting into a constant habit, you should train them from a young age using positive reinforcement techniques. Likewise, it’s best to provide them with a good bed, preferably a cave bed, to feel they are in a safe environment. In addition to this, chew toys are useful as they help calm you Maltipoo and forget about barking.

Do Maltese poodles shed a lot and How To Groom Them?

If you look at Maltese Poodle, you may be startled by its silky white curly coat that trails to the floor. Technically the Maltese Poodles hair does not change for the upcoming seasons, and its coat only grows longer, therefore having minimal shedding. Once the Maltese’s coat reaches the floor, the hair eventually stops growing, and its body fills out.

Only you will notice hair once you groom or bathe a Maltese. You will hardly see many clumps of hair of the Maltese around your home or on your belongings. Therefore in comparison to other dog breeds, you’ll be happy to know that the Maltipoos don’t shed much.

Are they easy to potty train?

Arguably one of the first things that come into your mind when getting a new dog is potty training. This is a behavior you will want to start while young, and when it comes to a Maltipoo, it can be quite a challenging yet rewarding task. 

The Maltipoo Dog Breed: Maltese Poodle Mix

The appropriate age to start training your Maltipoo is around 8-12 weeks and generally takes up to 3 months for it to be properly house trained. It’s recommended you take the dog out frequently after eating, sleeping, playing, and drinking. 

What health problems does this dog breed have?

Just like all dogs, Maltipoos are prone to some health problems. Most of the health problems they face are due to them being a crossbreed and its size. Maltipoos tend to experience the following health problems:

  • Epilepsy – A brain abnormality causing seizures, but can be managed using medication.
  • White shaker syndrome – Full body tremors due to environmental conditions or genetics; this can happen from 3 months to 6 years old.
  • Collapsed Trachea – Sometimes, their trachea’s rings can be prone to collapsing inwards, causing them breathing problems.
  • Luxating Patella – Due to their small size, their femur, patella, and tibia can go out of line, causing them pain.
  • Progressive Renal Atrophy – An eye disorder that can trigger blindness

If you notice that your pooch is showing some of these symptoms, make sure you visit your local veterinarian.

How big do Maltese poodles get?

The Maltese dogs are a small breed and their size could depend on the size of the poodle parent was, i.e., if it was a toy or miniature poodle. On average Maltese Poodles can weigh anything from 5 to 20 pounds and be up to 8-14 inches tall. 

Moreover, if you own a first-generation Maltipoo, it will reach its peak height at around 8-10 months. However, if it’s second-generation, it could take up to 15 months of age.

Other Miniature or Toy Poodle Mixes Similar to The Maltese Cross

Maltipoo life expectancy

Any dog you own becomes a member of the family, and no doubt you will want it to live for as long as possible. The life expectancy of a Maltipoo is from 12-15 years old, and on average, they live around 13.5 years.

The Maltipoo Dog Breed: Maltese Poodle Mix

Cost of a Maltipoo

As Maltipoos are a crossbreed, their prices can vary a great deal. If you are buying a Maltese poodle from a breeder, be prepared to pay anything within the price range of $1,500-$4,000. You will find their price can vary due to their coat, health conditions, where they are located in the world, and the breeder’s reputation.

Similarly, prices can also vary if you choose to buy a Maltipoo from a classified ad or a rescue shelter. Wherever you decide to buy a Maltipoo from, you should do the following:

  1. Ask about its parents and ask for proof of its medical records.
  2. Visit the home where the Maltipoo grew up.
  3. Get to know the breeder.
  4. Ask for a health guarantee.

Maltese Poodle Mix FAQ’s

What can maltese poodles eat?

Maltese poodles are small dogs with a lot of energy. They need a diet that is high in protein and low in fat. Some good food options for maltese poodles include:

Can maltese poodles swim?

Yes, maltese poodles can swim. They are not particularly good swimmers, but they can paddle around in the water and stay afloat. If you have a maltese poodle, it is best to keep an eye on them when they are near water and make sure they do not get too far out.

Final Thoughts

Maltipoos are small and loving family-friendly dogs. They are perfect for snuggling up to and watch the television at home with. Their glossy long white coat experiences little shedding, and you will only notice it when you bathe or groom them. Maltese Poodles can bark a lot, but their barking can be controlled using dog food treats and reinforcement training.

The price range of a Maltipoo can vary from $1,500-$4000, and factors like their coat, breeder, parents, and health conditions can influence the price. Finally, they are gentle, affectionate, and not aggressive dogs, making them perfect for any home.

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